Sunday Photo from the south of France

Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world and one of the most natural things of the world that has been brought to the greatest perfection, and it offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than, possibly, any other purely sensory thing.
Ernest Hemingway

The theme of this week’s photo challenge is “Names.” It took me a while to come up with an idea for this one, especially as we are entreated to make sure the names in our photos are clearly legible.

I was standing in the kitchen, looking around at all the bits and pieces left over from the memorable meal we had shared with our friends on New Year’s Eve: chocolates, crisps, nuts, a couple of half-drunk bottles of wine and…of course, several empty champagne bottles, sitting next to the dustbin, on their way to the recycle unit in the village. I picked up a bottle. The name was only just visible.  I put it down and turned hopefully to the fridge and there it is, a single unopened bottle with its name clearly visible!

Since we live deep in the heart of the wine lands of the south of France, since our farm is literally surrounded by vineyards and since we host walking and wine tasting holidays here in the summer, I thought  a picture of a wine bottle with its label clearly visible would be the perfect for this week’s challenge.


Wine to me is passion. It’s family and friends. It’s warmth of heart and generosity of spirit. Wine is art. It’s culture. It’s the essence of civilisation and the art of living.
Robert Mondavi

6 Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation in Midlife

Mindfulness Meditation can be beneficial to women later in life in several different ways. Mindfulness can be cultivated using a variety of methods, but for the purpose of this post, we will focus on mindfulness meditation.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that mindfulness and meditation are two of my favourite subjects. With good reason, as you will soon discover. En plus, our ‘Connect with Horses’ personal empowerment workshops are based on mindfulness and meditation.

But what IS mindfulness meditation? Mindfulness meditation is the practice of purposely focusing your attention on the present moment—and accepting this moment without judgment. By focusing on the here and now, many people who practice mindfulness meditation find that they are less likely to get caught up in worries about the future or regrets over the past and are better able to form rewarding and lasting relationships with others.

Anxiety about the Future
As we get older, we may find that we fret more often about the future: Will we remain healthy in body and mind? Will we be able to cope if we lose our spouse/partner? Will we have to cope with loneliness in our old age? Are we financially secure enough in a politically and economically changing world?

Mindfulness meditation, if practised regularly, can reduce feelings of anxiety, stress, depression, exhaustion, loneliness and irritability. Mindfulness meditation reduces the production of stress hormones, so people who meditate regularly are calmer, more patient and more content. In this way, mindfulness meditation can help us keep anxiety about an unpredictable future at bay as we get older.

Memory Loss
Many of us worry about losing our memory as we get older, especially as the first signs of normal, age-related forgetfulness appear in our lives. Mindfulness meditation can improve your memory. It can protect our working memory, increase our creativity and extend our attention span. It can also increase our reaction speed and our mental endurance.

Mindfulness meditation can delay the thinning of certain areas of the brain that naturally occurs with ageing. Mindfulness slows the progression of age-related cognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer’s dementia. Mindfulness meditation may also slow ageing at the cellular level by promoting chromosomal health and resilience.

Chronic Pain
Certain diseases that can cause chronic pain are more prevalent in older adults. Mindfulness increases our ability to cope with chronic pain. It increases grey matter in areas associated with self-awareness and self-control.

Mindfulness meditation can dramatically reduce pain and our emotional reaction to it. Studies suggest that pain levels can be reduced by 57 to 93%, depending on aptitude. In an effort to self-medicate, people with chronic pain often become substance (pain killers) abusers. Mindfulness can reduce addictions like the abuse of legal and prescription drugs and excessive alcohol intake.

Stronger Immune system
As we get older, our immune system that protects us against infectious and cancerous disease, becomes less effective. Mindfulness meditation can boost a flagging immune system. People who regularly meditate are admitted to hospital far less often for diseases like cancer, heart disease and a variety of infections. In fact, mindfulness meditation can reduce the risks of developing and dying from cardiovascular disease and it can decrease the severity of cardiovascular disease should it appear.

Restorative Sleep
We often have to cope with disturbed sleep patterns as the years go by. Restorative sleep is essential to the proper functioning our bodies and our minds. Mindfulness meditation can improve our sleep quality AND quantity. Stress is one of the most common causes of insomnia and sleep problems. Mindfulness meditation promotes calmness and helps reduce rumination that can disrupt sleep.

Rewarding Relationships
Mindfulness meditation can help build happier relationships by decreasing emotional reactivity. Couples who actively practised mindfulness saw improvements to their happiness with their relationship. The practice of mindfulness allows couples to be present in their relationships and to more quickly overcome stressful situations in the relationship. Mindfulness increases empathy and compassion, not only in intimate relationships but in all relationships, making relationships more rewarding and sustainable.

Mindful meditation makes it easier to savour the pleasures of life, especially as we get older. It helps us to be fully engaged in all our activities, and it creates a greater capacity in us to deal with adverse events. However, the beneficial effects of mindfulness meditation are dose-related – to be effective, it needs to be practised regularly. Prof Jon Kabat-Zinn, a world-recognised expert on mindfulness meditation and stress reduction, recommends 45 minutes of meditation at least six days a week.

Developing a mindfulness meditation practice can be a challenging exercise, especially on your own. That is one of the reasons we created our mindfulness and meditation workshops here in the south of France – to offer our guests instruction and support while they discover and experiment with different techniques, so as to enable them to find a way to practice mindfulness meditation that can be seamlessly incorporated into their lives. Since it is easier to learn by copying an expert, we use equine-guided mindfulness meditation to help our guests master this method.

dr_margaretha_montagu_v3All the knowledge and experience I have gained in presenting these workshops are now available in e-book form: Mindfulness and Meditation in the South Of France: Staying focused in a fast-paced World. The printed option will soon be available, also from Amazon.

What do you think about mindfulness meditation? Is it just another fashionable fad that will soon be out-of-date or does it have lasting value?

It has been said that mindfulness is the exact opposite of multitasking and that multitasking can be detrimental to one’s peace of mind. What do you think?


Saturday Photo from the south of France


This is Merlin, the oak tree that stands right in front of our house. It has been standing there for at least 200 years, probably much longer. It is under this tree that we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner during our summer stress management ‘Connect with Horses’ workshops.

Once it stood surrounded by a forest of family members. Now they are all gone. Merlin alone has endured, the embodiment of determination and resilience.

The moment we believe that success is determined by an ingrained level of ability as opposed to resilience and hard work, we will be brittle in the face of adversity.
Joshua Waitzkin


This is our house, with Merlin in the foreground. It has been standing here for at least 200 years, but we have found references to it in literature dating from the 17th century.

In order to succeed, people need a sense of self-efficacy, to struggle together with resilience to meet the inevitable obstacles and inequities of life.
Albert Bandura

In this house, people have had exactly that, a sense of self-efficacy expressed as self-sufficiency. Today we enjoy the fruits of their resilience, a beautifully preserved, sympathetically-restored authentic maison landaise, that has offered a safe haven to many generations while they struggled with the inevitable inequities of life.


Weekly Photo Challenge theme: resilience

Mpower e-Magazine December 2016 issue

The latest issue of my Mpower e-Magazine is now available HERE( see short extract below)


Leading article, hot off the press from the south of France (the printing press, NOT the wine press!)

I thought that Leo was a lost case. I thought that he had been so severely neglected, so fundamentally mistreated, so intensively abused that he would never recover. On the day we met, he was little more than a bag of bones. He was infested with lice and so profoundly malnourished that he had difficulty staying upright. His eyes were lifeless. His breathing was shallow. When I reached out to him, he tried to get away, but he was so weak that he fell to his knees.

I was ready to give up on Leo.

The chances of ever reaching him again, to lure him out of the dark hole in his mind where he had taken refuge for the last two years seemed like an impossible undertaking. Might as well give him up as a bad lot. He had clearly given up himself a long time ago. Leo would never trust anyone ever again. He shied away from any physical contact. He offered no resistance and no engagement. He wasn’t present. His broken body was there with me, but his damaged mind was somewhere where no human could ever reach it.

At barely twelve years old, he was a tired old man. Read more…

Saturday Photo from the south of France

“When your footsteps and thoughts carry you down the same path your heart and soul are directing you, you will know without a doubt that you are headed in the right direction.” Molly Friedenfeld

As for me, I think I will continue to follow in the footsteps of the two above. I took this photo on Monday, the 19th, my birthday. It was a wonderfully sunny winters day and we had lunch at a restaurant right on the beach, at Arcachon, just south of Bordeaux. A day to remember!

It is Christmas Eve. I would like to leave you with a quote that complements the season’s mood and meaning: “As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.” Henry David Thoreau

As well as a lasting gift that might re-direct your path:

You ARE Good Enough free e-book

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A very Joyeux Noel to you all
from the not-so-sunny south of France!

Prompt for this week’s photo challenge: “Path.”

I am writing a Gratitude Journal

I am not entirely sure why, but at this time of the year I always feel especially grateful. We do not celebrate Thanksgiving here in France, so my gratefulness could not have come from there. It may have something to do with that fact that my birthday is on the 19th of December, shortly followed by the Christmas festivities and then by the New Year’s celebrations.

I love this time of the year. I love connecting and re-connecting with friends and family I may not have seen for a while. I send electronic Christmas cards and New Year’s cards (the French do not send Christmas cards, they send New Year’s cards and never before the 15th of December) and I often receive round-robins in return telling me what everyone has been up to this year. I am not a fan of round-robins, except at Christmas time.

I have so much to be grateful about. I start thinking about the past year, usually round the time of my birthday and I remind myself of all the good things that have happened in the last year. This feeling lingers through Christmas, and intensifies again towards the end of the year. So much has happened that has made me happy. Admittedly, there were difficult times too. Sometimes I can even feel grateful about those too, because of what I learnt during such times.

This year I have decided to do something useful with this grateful feeling. I have decided to write another book. It has been three weeks since I finished my short book, You ARE Good Enough – a 10 Step Strategy to Stop Sabotaging Yourself, based on the content of our personal empowerment workshops here in the south of France. The idea was to write a short book, 50 pages max, but in the end, I needed 90-pages to get everything on paper. It is now for sale on Amazon, but I give it away free to subscribers to my Mpower Magazine and Mailing list.

There are literally hundreds of Gratitude diaries for sale on Amazon and the rest of the market, so why write another one? My plan initially was just to keep a gratitude journal, for the whole of 2017. This is a huge challenge for me, I am not a natural journal writer.  I can do 14, 21 and even 30-day challenges as well as everyone else, but a whole year? Never managed that before. So I shopped for a gratitude journal that would provide me with rock-solid motivation to keep going. Inspiration too, I need plenty of inspiration if I am going to keep gong for 365 days. A spoonful of humour every day would certainly sweeten the task. Maybe an article from time to time, reminding me of the benefits of doing this. That would help to keep me going. I could also do with some visual, auditory, tactile and intellectual stimulation…

I could not find any journal on the market that could provide me with all these things. If there is such a book, please let me know before I spent the next several weeks creating something that already exists.

I have very big dreams for 2017. The biggest one, even just thinking about it gives me palpitations, is to create my own Facebook group. To offer something of value to members of this group on a weekly, or even daily basis. I shall need to be fairly disciplined to do this, so writing (and keeping) a gratitude diary is probably not a bad place to start.

I came up with both these ideas on my birthday, two days ago.  I had an absolutely magical day. As I love the sea, we drove to Arcachon, just south of Bordeaux on the coast, just less than two hours from here. We drove through a winter landscape shrouded in mist – no easy undertaking when tractors continued to suddenly materialise as if from nowhere on these mostly deserted country roads. Or maybe it was actually the same phantom tractor each time?

Luckily, but lunchtime the mist had lifted and the sun was shining brightly. We shopped for a while at the Christmas market and watched some very excited children and their parents on the ice. We had lunch at a lovely little restaurant right on the seafront.  We tried their “vin chaud,” but it was too sweet for my taste. We started with mussels, “au curry et au gingembre (ginger)” and “à la crème et à l’Armagnac” alternatively, followed by linguini “au Roquefort” and “au poulet indien.” We ended the meal with two divine crème brulées and two “noisettes” (expresso with a dash of cream.)  Afterwards, we drove down the Atlantic seafront to Biscarosse, where we went to another Christmas market and had a steaming cup of real hot chocolate (made from cocoa paste) before we headed home.

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6 Steps To Keep Love Alive After Christmas

Today I have a very special Christmas treat for you. I know you appreciate a bit of variety from time to time, so I asked my friend AG Billig if she would write a guest blog post for my blog. She agreed! Like me, she writes non-fiction personal development books, and like me, she likes to weave a story into the fabric of her book. (You should read the beginning of her book “I Choose Love,” it is totally riveting.) Here is her post:


“Love is a conscious choice even though it might not look so. The handiest example is Christmas time when even Grinch’s heart melts. Don’t we all say let’s be kinder, nicer, more loving and giving? Prompted by the winter holidays’ spirit, we are less afraid to open up, reach out to other people, spread joy around us. We no longer care about how much we receive because we are so happy to give. Not only a face glowing with happiness becomes the most precious gift but, as by a miracle, the Universe keeps sending us rewards. Serendipity starts working and fulfils our deepest wishes. The law of attraction never ceases to work.

Doesn’t feel wonderful? Getting undressed of fear, misconceptions, limiting beliefs. Just following your heart and letting the kindness in your soul surface. Not minding what other people say, but acting according to the authentic you. Doesn’t it feel like you are suddenly able to breathe freely as if you’ve got out of a tight corset?

The freedom of allowing love to guide your life every day of the year, not just during Christmas, is within reach. All you need to do is to cultivate the love within until becomes a way of being. As Neale Donald Walsch said, our actions are driven by fear or love. Those two can’t coexist in one heart. People governed by fear will not be able to experience true love. It will always be something off in their relationships. Romances will fade, and friendships will go stale. No worldly success will fill the void in their soul.

Here are six easy steps that will help you replace fear with love. You can work with one or more at a time.

1. Know yourself. Know who you are beyond your social status, job title, other people’s opinions, and demands. Be completely honest about your strengths and weaknesses, about your dreams and gifts. Become aware of what Debbie Ford called our shadow – those things we don’t accept in ourselves and push under the rug. Find out what are your deepest fears and see if there is any foundation for them.

2. Boost your self-confidence. Not having enough self-confidence is one of the major setbacks in living the life of our dreams. It prevents us from imagining that life, in the first place. Stop listening to the voice in your head saying you’re not good enough or reliving your childhood experiences. Make a list of your accomplishments so far and have a good look at it every day. Have a good look in the mirror and see how beautiful you are.

3. Connect with your heart. Your heart is the place to learn and practice self-love. It is also an Oracle that always has the right answers, the compass that will point you in the right direction to your life purpose. Daily meditation and yoga practice are two of the best tools you can use to connect with your heart. Conscious breathing, exercise, a healthy lifestyle are also mandatory for being able to hear your heart’s voice.

4. Connect with nature. We are one with the Universe and everything around us. Our lives get so much better when we stay in tune with nature. Think about how rejuvenated and energised you feel after a walk on the beach or hike in the mountains. Connecting with nature doesn’t mean moving in a forest hut. It is about spending time outdoors, enjoying a spectacular sunset and seeing nature as a precious ally instead of a dreadful enemy.

5. Connect with people. If our body is our home on Earth, humankind is our big family. There is beauty in connecting with other people. It is great to discover that, underneath the cultural differences, lies a soul resemblance. Travel to unknown places and interact with the locals. Join Meet Up groups and make new friends. Help someone in need even when they are strangers.

6. Create your safe place. Whether it’s in your heart or house, create a safe place where you can experience the authentic you. A corner where you can utter your wildest dreams, express your talent, allow love to pour freely from your soul. Love is the safest place on Earth, the best shield against predators and adversities.

Once love starts manifesting in your life, add some fertilisers to help it blossom. Try some gratitude, joy, passion, excitement, compassion, kindness, and faith and every day will feel like Christmas.

Ready to embark on your journey to true love? I kindly invite you to read I Choose Love, an Amazon Bestseller. Based on my personal journey from fear to love and spiritual encounters with Neale Donald Walsch and John of God this book provides practical and empowering information on how to attract true love in your life. You will also learn how to master your sexual power, boost up your self-confidence and attractiveness factor, feel and look younger and healthier, overcome your fear, and enjoy every minute of your life.”

A bit more about the author: A.G. Billig is a published best-selling author, digital entrepreneur, TV host, and spiritual seeker. She has a Bachelor of Arts in French and English languages and literature and a Masters in Communication. She started writing fiction by the age of eight and, before her literary debut with the UK/US based MP Publishing in 2012, she won several writing competitions in Europe. She is also a contributor to various media outlets in the U.S. and Europe on topics related to self-publishing, self-improvement, and healthy life – style. Her latest non-fiction book, “I Choose Love,” presents love as a conscious choice we are called to make every day.

Author website:


Sunday Photo from the south of France: Rising Anticipation

Winter has finally arrived here in the foothills of the mighty Pyrenées mountains. It is early in the morning and the sun is taking its sweet time rising above the mountain tops, highlighting a Christmas tree of its own creation.

Next Sunday is Christmas. The hearts of many children are beating faster in anticipation of the presents they are going to receive. For the adults, some of the magic has worn off although we still delight in giving gifts to our children and to each other. But what about ourselves?

Have you ever given yourself a Christmas gift? And if not, why not?

The most important person in your life is YOU. Why not give yourself the gift of total self-acceptance this year?

“Don’t rely on someone else for your happiness and self-worth. Only you can be responsible for that. If you can’t love and respect yourself – no one else will be able to make that happen. Accept who you are completely; the good and the bad and make changes as you see fit – not because you think someone else wants you to be different.”
Stacey Charter


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Christmas Lunch in the south of France

While snow has been falling for several months in certain parts of the northern hemisphere, here in the south of France we are still tenaciously hanging on to the last sunny days of autumn. We shall soon have to face the fact that although the sun still shines bravely and brightly every day, the ancient oak trees have now nearly lost all their leaves and the nights are long and very cold. As we speed towards the shortest day of the year, and towards Christmas in its wake, we already project our minds towards those early spring days that are but three months away…

But wait, what about winter? Is there no winter season in the south of France? Of course there is, and it is breathtakingly beautiful in its own right. Last Tuesday morning, I got up early to feed the horses because I was going to attend a Christmas Lunch at the Pigeonneau restaurant down the road, in the happy company of 49 other women, all members of the Ladies Lunch Club of Armagnac. Jack Frost arrived uninvited during the night and evidence of his passing lay thick and white on the fields. The sun was just slipping over the horizon, tinting the whole landscape various enchanting shades of pink. I thought to myself, “This is the stuff that fairytales are made of.”

I wonder if I could write a fairy tale? I wonder if I could write a story, a real story, with characters, a plot and a hero’s journey, instead of the non-fiction personal development books that I have been so comfortable with until now?

A winter’s tale?

I did not have much time to dwell on these distracting thoughts. I had to get ready for lunch. The Pigeonneau is one of my favourite restaurants, and as luck would have it, also one of the closest restaurants to the farm. Having a restaurant of this exceptional quality so close by is rare here in deepest rural France.

So it was wth a song in my heart that I joined the ladies that morning. I was not disappointed. I barely made it through the front door before a Kir(apèritif), as if by magic, appeared in my hand. With my Kir in one hand and my camera in another, I did the rounds. In this part of France, greetings are accompanied by a kiss on each cheek, so you can imagine that this was no easy endeavour.

We sat down to a delicious lunch with red or white wine. We started with a salad of grilled courgettes and mushrooms, accompanied by a small glass of pumpkin soup. This was followed by either Beef Stroganoff with Rice or Carrelet (Plaice) with beurre blanc sauce and Rice. I had the plaice and it was as good as it always is. We finished the meal with Pannacotta with red fruits and coffee.

Our club now has more than 150 members and 50 of us meet once a month for lunch.  As we have discovered in the past, it is not easy for a countryside restaurant to cater for such a large group, but the Pigeonneau did us proud. Thank you so much, Ruby and the rest of your team!

you-are-good-enough-cover2We all took a small gift to lunch. We all took one of these on our way out, after the lunch. I am going to open mine on Monday the 19th, my birthday. Since it is Christmas (and my birthday), I have decided to give my latest 90-page book, You ARE Good Enough – a 10 Step Strategy to Stop Sabotaging Yourself away free to all new subscribers to my mailing list. This giveaway is hosted by Instafreebie.

It would mean the world to me if you subscribed. I promise I will not spam you, quite the contrary – I have received many a compliment on the quality of my newsletters about our life here in the south of France. Just click on the link below and follow the instructions:

Claim you free copy of my book, You ARE Good Enough 


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Author Antics

Newsflash: I am giving away a copy of my latest book, You ARE Good Enough, as a Christmas gift to all my blog-readers – see below

I survived the book signing.

As an author, it was one of the most uplifting experiences of my hitherto short career.

I signed my book at the annual Ladies Lunch Club Christmas Market. We went to scout out the location and set up on the Thursday afternoon. I took my friend Sharon Duerst of the Mending Stone Blog’s advice and gathered together a few suitable props beforehand: a shabby chic table, two chairs and a few more bits and bobs. The idea was to re-create a Frenchwoman’s boudoir, as background setting for selling my French Woman’s Confidence Secrets book.

The setting was glorious. It is still autumn here. The vineyards are in full autumn swing, sporting colours that defy natural law: brilliant red, glowing ruby, bright orange and yellow…The location was a several- centuries-old wine-producing château, deep in the heart of the vineyards of Gascony. If I had to choose somewhere to do my first book signing ever, I could not have invented anything better.

The Christmas market’s vernissage was on the Friday evening. This included a wine tasting. Obviously. The Chateau de Millet did us proud. Intent on staying sober, I only had a glass the Chardonnay. I am not a huge Chardonnay fan, but this one was divine. The tasting room was large, on two levels, so there was ample space for all the stalls. I was the only one selling and signing books. There was a huge variety of Christmas presents and decorations on sale. There was also a stall selling breads and cakes in aid of a refugee family in Eauze.

The vernissage was well attended. During the three hours it lasted, we sold all books I had ordered, except for three that I promised to hold onto for friends. I say we, because my husband sold at least half of that number. He mostly chatted to the menfolk while they tasted the wines. He might have mentioned, once or twice, that his wife is selling her book and would that not make a great Christmas present? So difficult to find a suitable Christmas present for the Missus, isn’t it?

I rarely got to sit down behind my snazzy little table. I signed most books standing up. I mostly remembered to add one of the controversial bookmarks advertising my next book to each book I signed. I severely miscalculated, though, I did not order enough books. I did not take into account that some people may buy more than one book. One woman bought three books, one for each of her daughters. Which meant I ended the evening with a list of e-mails from people who would like to buy a book, as soon as I have more in stock.

All this was wonderfully gratifying, but it was not the best part of the evening. The very best part of the whole experience was the people I met. I met the most amazing people, people that I would probably never have come across otherwise. Most conversations started with ”So what is your book about?” This was followed by me stuttering nervously, ”It is about women…er, French women…and about what other women can learn from them about being self-assured and self-confident…” in whatever language I was addressed in: Dutch, French or English. Luckily, most people promptly soldiered on with another question and before we knew it, we had found a common interest and were chatting away as if we were old friends. That was the best part of the book signing. The people.

The second best part was the e-mails in my inbox on Saturday morning. I couldn’t believe it. I just couldn’t. The vernissage finished at 20h00. At 23h21, the first e-mail arrived. Several followed, saying how much the reader was enjoying the book and could they please order another for a friend, daughter, mother or sister? I was amazed. Admittedly, I had started to receive unsolicited 5-star reviews on Amazon, but until now, most people who said the book was good were friends and family. Not altogether unbiased, in other words, so I took the praise with a pinch of salt.

The euphoria wore off way too soon, sadly. Especially as I have been very busy with the editing and publishing of my latest book called ”You ARE Good Enough.” It is much shorter than the others, only 89 pages. It is available in print on Amazon for $4.99. 

One last thing about the book signing: The sweetest thing that happened was when the wife of the owner of Chateau Millet, who does not speak a word of English, bought my book (in English) for her daughter, who apparently does speak a few words of English. I hope the book lives up to her expectations, otherwise I shall have to go and buy our Chardonnay somewhere else!

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To all my blog-readers: To thank you for your support over the last year, I am giving away free copies of my 89-page e-book “You ARE Good Enough – A 10-Step Strategy to Stop Sabotaging Yourself” via this link: Merry Christmas to my Blog Readers!


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