You ARE Good Enough!

10 Step Strategy to Stop Sabotaging Yourself


by Dr Margaretha Montagu
ISBN: 978 2 9567324 02

Do you fear that you are not good enough to be loved, to get that raise, to be promoted, to celebrate your achievements?

Do you feel incapable of giving yourself credit no matter how hard you work, no matter what you achieve, no matter how many compliments you get?

You can’t get rid of the niggling suspicion that your success was due to luck, or coincidence or to a mistake. You worry that at any moment you are going to be unmasked as a fraud.

Why do so many people feel that they are not good enough?

You work hard. You do your best. You are competent and successful.

So why do you feel like a fraud? Why do you fear that if you take pride in your intelligence and abilities you will be rejected by others? Why do you feel that you constantly have to make sure that whatever you are saying and doing does not offend anyone else? Why do you feel that you do not deserve to be respected and admired?

This book will answer your questions and provide you with a ten-simple-step method that will help you internalise how unique, powerful, gifted, beautiful, strong, generous, appreciated, valuable, talented, brilliant, admired, respected, courageous, special, caring and lovable you are.

You ARE Good Enough was written by a medical doctor with many years of experience helping people exactly like you. Her simple ten-step method is based on sound scientific research. Her method is enhanced with links to easy-to-use apps, clarifying interviews, support groups, informative articles, free downloads and how-to videos.

This 10 step strategy will empower you to

  • Say ‘NO’ without making excuses and without feeling guilty
  • Speak your mind without worrying what other people will think of you
  • Eliminate self-doubt
  • Be more assertive
  • Appreciate yourself
  • Accept compliments
  • Take pride in your achievements
  • Reduce your performance anxiety
  • Stop sabotaging yourself
  • Reclaim your happiness

So do not waste another precious minute of your life thinking that you are not good enough.

Download and read this book asap.

I was thinking maybe this is another nut case book that I wouldn’t like and very sceptical it would help me feel better about myself but the cover of the book drew me in. Wow! Guess what?! Loved it and YES. I AM GOOD ENOUGH! Thank you Margaretha!
Lisa Pfeiffer

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 About the Author
 Dr Margaretha Montagu is an experienced medical doctor, a certified NLP practitioner, a medical hypnotherapist and an equine-assisted psychotherapist (EAGALA level II). She has worked in a variety of disciplines including psychiatry and general practice. She now hosts personal empowerment workshops based on equine-facilitated experiential learning in the south of France.

 Articles about her work have been published in Horse and Rider magazine, in Chronicles of the Horse and in the Guardian newspaper (UK).