Up Close and Personal: A Let Horses Guide You to Live Your Best Life Retreat – differently

If you are lucky enough to be able to travel this year, make the best use of your precious free time by doing something different, something unique, something that you have never done before, that you will remember forever.

Having a horse as your mindfulness and meditation mentor is unique in itself. Spending not only your waking hours with horses, but your sleeping hours as well, is downright sensational.

Here in deepest rural France, you can now choose a mindfulness meditation immersion retreat, with horses as your guides, not only during the day, but also at night. Under the star-studded sky, far from the pollution of city light, you will find a tent pitched in a horse paddock. In this tent, surrounded by a small herd of Friesian horses, so close that you can lie in bed and touch the odd velvet-soft muzzle, you can sleep deeply, peacefully, secure in the knowledge that the head mare is guarding not only the rest of her herd, but you as well.

A rare opportunity!

You may have heard of sleeping in a stall/stable next to a horse. This experience is similar, except that you are outside, on a warm summer night, and the horses are free to graze around your tent, pitched in the middle of a (magical) circle of trees. The ancient trees form a natural boundary, so that the horses can come close to you where you lie sleeping, but cannot, by accident, walk over your tent.

We offer this unforgettable experience in conjunction with our Connect with Horses Mindfulness and Meditation Retreats. During the day, you follow the program, guided by the horses with the other retreat guests, but in the evening you are the only one who gets to enjoy the horses’ company at night as well. Maybe they will even come to you in your dreams?

You will have your meals with the other guests, have access to all the areas inside and outside the house, including the bathrooms, that the other guests have, but you will be the only one who has the privilege of building a lasting relationship with one or more of the horses, as you will be part of the herd during the duration of your stay here with us, day and night.

The standard 5-day Connect with Horses Mindfulness and Meditation Retreat costs 799€, this version costs 899€. This opportunity is only available to one person during each retreat, so why not send an email to welcome2gascony@gmail.com and inquire about availability? En plus, this option is only available from June to October, weather permitting.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Collect experiences, collect friends, collect heartwarming memories, forget about collecting possessions.

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