Why Attend A Meditation Workshop?


If you have decided that, like Jenny (see previous page), you need to get away from the endless hustle-and-bustle and ever-more-challenging demands that you face every day, even if only for a few days, you may wonder why Suzie chose an EQUINE-GUIDED workshop and why THIS equine-guided workshop in the sun-blessed south of France. Some of the reasons are immediately obvious: you need to get away from the endless hustle-and-bustle and ever-more-challenging demands that you face every day, even if only for a few days:

To slow down to the pace of life in the French countryside, where people know how to appreciate the simple pleasures of life: good food, good wine, good company. Suzie is quite impressed with this idea. Sources Sacrées farm is located deep in the heart of rural France, in a region as yet unspoiled by international tourism, where the age-old French way of life is the only way of being. As Suzie so pompously but aptly explained: “The pace of life slows down dramatically from the moment you arrive at this ancient homestead and the peace won by cultivating and lovingly caring for this patch of land for centuries invades your soul as soon as you step out of the car.”

To stay for a few days at a haven with a centuries-old healing reputation. This appeals to Jenny. She feels she can do with loads of healing, all sorts of healing. She finds the fact that the farm has been a place of healing for hundreds (maybe thousands) of years most intriguing and imagine herself exploring the springs, the lake and the 800-year-old pilgrim’s chapel… Suzie says “the simple beauty of the farmhouse contrasts with the dramatic beauty of the setting and compliments the profound feeling of peace that is at the same time humbling and inspiring” – a walking, talking travel brochure!

To explore this unique location and the spiritual sanctuaries surrounding it: Situated in its own valley, secluded but not isolated, the Les Sources Sacrées farm is nevertheless within easy reach of several spiritual sanctuaries – the most famous of which is Lourdes. Jenny has heard about Lourdes and its miracles. Although she is sceptical, she wouldn’t mind checking the place out for herself.  And she wouldn’t mind spending a day luxuriating in one of the spas nearby (Cazaubon, Bagnère-de-Bigorre or Eugenie-les-Bains) – maybe she can add a day at a spa to the beginning or end of her trip. One of Jenny’s friends has walked the St Jacques de Compostelle pilgrims route (a complete nutcase) and is still boasting about it, so Jenny is thinking about spending a day walking part of it, just so that she can say she has done it.

Equine Guided Self-improvement

 To avoid stressful and exhausting long-distance international travel. Les Sources Sacrées is easy and inexpensive to get to. Jenny is a bit reluctant to book an exotic holiday to a faraway paradise at the moment. Nearly every day brings news of a new airline disaster or terrorist attack. She would prefer to travel to and in Europe. She has to watch her pennies (don’t we all), so she was relieved to hear that both Easyjet and Ryanair fly to airports close by Les Sources Sacrées: Toulouse, Bordeaux and Biarritz. These days even British Airways and Air France offer affordable flights. And then there is also the train – Jenny LOVES train-travel. With the super fast TGV in France, train travel is affordable and comfortable and the train goes all the way from London to Mont de Marsan, couldn’t be easier. It is also easy to travel from the local airports by train to Mont de Marsan (from Bordeaux) or to Auch (from Toulouse), from where guests are collected and transferred to Les Sources.

And then there are a few less obvious reasons:

To find out if horses can really be personal development guides. The daily equine facilitated meditation sessions are guided and inspired by the herd. Equine-facilitated personal development sessions are also on offer – at Les Sources, the guides are highly qualified and widely experienced mares and geldings and sometimes foals (the latter somewhat less experienced) – to Jenny, all this sounds somewhat intimidating, although she can’t help feeling curious about what it all may involve and somewhat excited by the possible improvements (miracles would be needed, really) it may work in her life.

– To rejuvenate mind, body and soul while staying at Les Sources, but also, and just as importantly, to learn how to sustain this rejuvenation once guests get back to their everyday lives.


So although one can while away many peaceful hours just watching the sun sparkle on the water of the farm’s Sans Souci lake, Les Sources Sacrées is first and foremost a working farm, where proud Friesian horses live, a race now more than a 1000 years old and first used to carry fully-armoured warriors into battle. Guests can recharge their batteries here, the whole day long if they prefer, but they can also learn how to keep their batteries fully charged once they are back home.  This has always been Jenny’s problem. It usually takes her a couple of days to unwind when she gets to her long-dreamed-about holiday destination and just when she is fully relaxed and restored, she has to go back. Stepping straight back into the rat-race, within days of her arrival, she is as stressed as she was before she left. According to Suzie, at Les Sources Sacrées, she discovered a way to keep her peace of mind once she returned from her short break. Something to do with “becoming part of the magic of an ancient site of healing, probably dating back to pre-historic times, that now provides shelter and sustenance to modern man” and “you won’t believe what I learnt from the horses!”

Being a working farm, in the heart of a farming community, Les Sources is within walking distance of three well-known and well-respected cellars, and in the grape-picking season one can hear the pickers singing in the vineyards from early in the morning, so if it is perfect peace and quiet that one is looking for, then this is not the place to come to. And the people of Gascony, as described in Alexander Dumas’ book The Three Musketeers, are friendly and love nothing more that stopping for a chat, so if you are going for a walk or cycle (and you can walk/cycle for miles here), chances are great that you will be hailed by a farmer’s wife digging over her vegetable patch, or by a farmer bringing in his cattle or by the laughing and joking workers in the vineyards. On this holiday, guests have the opportunity to get away from it all, but also to interact with people who have mastered the art of living with abundant “joie de vivre”, resulting in lasting happiness,  better health and exceptional longevity.

To mimic the lifestyle of a bygone era: living close to nature and off the land and stay in a 200-year-old half-timbered farmhouse. At Les Sources Sacrées, you’ll find comfortable accommodation, carefully and sympathetically restored single and double bedrooms, with half-timbered walls, oak beams and wooden floorboards, with 3 rooms sharing a bathroom, in a wing of the house dedicated to accommodation for guests only, with views of the fields and lake from the windows. Les Sources does not have complicated eating plans, only delicious mostly home-grown (the rest is bought fresh from the weekly market or directly from neighbours) food. At Les Sources, the owners’ first passion is their horses, and their second passion is wine. One of the owners has been in the wine trade for many years and has a WSET (Wines and Spirits Educational Trust) diploma, would like nothing more than to introduce you to the exceptional wines of this region.

If you are looking for a workshop offering something different, maybe an equine guided growth workshop based on mindfulness meditation is the workshop for you?

No need to spend a fortune. Simply make a booking, then book your plane ticket with one of the budget airlines, pack sunglasses, suntan lotion and your swimming costume and join us for an unforgettable holiday in the sun-blessed south of France. This memorable holiday in the company of our Friesian horses will change your life forever.

So how about contacting us for more information ?

Privacy notice: We take your privacy seriously. Your details are not passed on or sold to any third parties whatsoever, you are not subscribing to any mailing lists and we promise to only use your details to contact you directly ourselves.

Meditation Retreat in the south of France



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  1. I felt better just reading about your retreats they sound wonderful. I would love to take part one day although it is a long way from Australia – but I can dream.


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