Tess des Sources Sacrées

Tess des Sources Sacrées is also a pure-bred Friesian mare. She is eight years old and has had two foals. If the way she looks at Leo (RIP) is anything to go by, she is very keen to have a few more.  Tess is a very busy mare, she has lots to do every day and seems slightly hassled most of the time. Lots of our female guests identify with her- she certainly understands the trials and tribulations of a busy mother’s life! She is very talented, a great multi-tasker and organiser and what she lacks in patience she makes up for by her willingness to make time for everyone who needs her.

On arrival, she quickly bonded with Aurore and with their near identical looks, these two partners-in-crime are often difficult to tell apart! Aurore is the leader in this close friendship and Tess the follower, although not blindly. She does occasionally decide to go her own way. Especially if the way in question leads to Bass.

Tess and Aurore
Tess and Aurore

Tess can be quite demanding, especially when it comes to hugs. She is, like Belle, quite a girlie horse, although she is less bothered by burrs in her mane or tail and more bothered about getting through the day without losing it.

Of all our horses, Tess likes water best and if you turn the hose on her, she will turn first this way and then that way, to make sure she get an all over hose-down.

As I mentioned, Tess, for some unphantomable reason, is madly in love with Bass, even though he is much larger than she is. It must be his gorgeous looks and rakish personality. We are sincerely hoping that this is just a phase and that she will get over him. She is obviously not very good at choosing her men – for all his bravado Bass fires nothing but blanks. I have tried to explain this to her, but she is not all that interested in my advice and is certainly not going to allow anyone to tell her how to run her love-life…


If Tess sounds like your sort of horse, come and meet her, she will have a lot to share with you and may even be able to teach you a thing or two.

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