Bass des Sources Sacrées




Repose en Paix

Can’t believe it is already three years since I wrote this:

It is now 2 months since Bas arrived and I have still not completed his profile. it is very difficult to write about Bas, an Irish cob breeding stallion. It is impossible to put into words who and what Bas is. Bas is intense. He is one hundred percent alive-in-the-moment. Bas is big: big on looks, big on personality, big on presence…and at 165cm from his enormous feathered hooves to his withers, rather big on size too.

When you are standing next to Bas, you are acutely aware of him, as well as of everything around you. The grass is greener, the sky bluer, the sun warmer, the birdsong brisker. Standing next to Bas, there is nowhere to hide. He looks right into your mind, and quickly discovers your innermost secrets. Good thing that Bas can be discreet.

Bas is a breeding stallion, with 50+ foals to his credit. He knows a thing or two about life, about responsibility, about his own worth. He is well aware of his power., even though one is aware that he carefully contains it so as not to scare us too much.  Bas is passionate; Bas is protective. It is very clear that Bas cares.

By now you are probably thinking that I most definitely got a couple of screws loose and you may well be right, but Bas inspires me like no other horse has ever done and chances are, he will inspire you too.

Working with horses like Bass can teach us the skills we need to handle the trials and turbulence of life: Perseverance, patience, self-discipline, empathy, forgiveness, leadership and much more.

If you would like to try equine-assisted experiential learning to help you increase your self-confidence and communicate more effectively, join us for a day in the south of France…please e-mail us for more information on welcome2gascony[at] or contact us by filling in the form below:


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