Aurore d’Alegria

Aurore is Belle’s daughter and undoubtedly the most beautiful and intelligent foal that I have ever bred – and if that does not make her special enough, she is also very special in the way that she was reared, both by us and by Belle.

Aurore d'Alegria
Aurore d’Alegria

Aurore has never come across violence in any shape or form. This does not mean that she was spoiled, quite the contrary: Belle is a very firm disciplinarian and has always ensured that Aurore knows how to behave. I remember our amazement when we realised that Belle herds Aurore into their field shelter every afternoon and makes sure Aurore has a 2-hour nap safely in the shade for the first 6 months of her life. Aurore was born and grew up in the presence of her herd and whenever Belle took a break, there was a doting uncle or aunt to show her the way.

Although she is not spoiled and is respectful of other people and horses’ rights and feelings, she is quite fearless, insatiably curious, unshakeably confident, adventurous and up for any challenge. She never had to be desensitised. She walks through water without hesitation, is not alarmed by narrow passages, she is not intimidated by other horses, she loves meeting new people and last year took to being ridden with undisguised enthusiasm. She had to wait for this momentous event until she was nearly six years old, as Friesians’ bones mature late, which was rather annoying for her as she was mentally ready to be ridden from the age of three.


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