Her Mindfulness Mentors

You do not need to know ANYTHING about horses to benefit from equine-assisted experiential learning.

Our horses are provided with as natural a habitat as possible. The small herd lives out, year round.  They are not shod, although they do see the farrier regularly to have their hooves trimmed. They eat grass or hay, depending on the season. They are not stabled, although they do have access to shelter, especially needed in the hot summer months when they can often be found dozing in the woods or in one of the field shelters.  There is more than a hectare (2,2 acres) pasture per horse and varied terrain for them to explore, mimicking the prairies they would have roamed before horses became domesticated. Free-range horses, and eco-friendly!

There are three Friesian horses in the herd (see video below). Friesian horses are ideal equine assisted experiential learning horses and great retreat leaders. Belle, Aurore and Tess, our Friesian horses, are intelligent, intuitive and eager to offer guests the rare opportunity to discover the boundless insight and limitless understanding that can develop between a person and a horse, based on respect and trust. The idea is to learn from the horses how to be understanding and then to use these new-found insights to build more satisfying relationships with other people.

Intimate and very private conversation
Private negotiation

Just as each person has a specific personality and life perspective, talents and life experiences, so does each of the horses. The horses offer their different personalities (loads of personality in Belle’s case), their generosity, their playfulness and their energy is motivating and inspiring.

Click on the links to meet each horse individually.


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