Opportunity knocks…

First things first. You can view and download your free e-book, 4 Steps to Forgiveness by William F. Martin by clicking here.

Secondly, welcome to the Friesian Fillies Fan Club, created for the fans of Belle de la Babinière, Tess des Sources Sacrées and Aurore d’Alegria, the three Friesian muses who have inspired me to write 5 books so far! 

As you may know, my name is Margaretha Montagu. I am a writer. I write, mainly, because I am uber-passionate about sharing in my books what my horses have taught me: how to look at life from an entirely new perspective. My books are based on the work that my mares and I do during our Connect with Horses workshops: helping people become more confident, helping people communicate better and helping people handle stress better… Without the horses there would have been no books – I would never have gathered the knowledge and experience necessary to write a single book, never mind 5.

Helping people with the help of my horses is my life’s purpose, whether I am sharing what I have learned in blog posts, books or in the horses’ presence during workshops.

Why do I need YOUR patronage?

As every horse owner knows, to make a small fortune from horses, one has to start with a big one! And when you own Friesian horses, well…let’s just say that they do expect to be kept in a way that reflects their exceptional beauty, intelligence and extensive competence.

My Friesians work as psychotherapists – a job they excel at and are uber-enthusiastic about. Regretfully they have not been able to do much of that lately, because I have had to undergo a series of eye operations that has left me blind in one eye and with about 40% vision in the other.

We are going to start doing the work we love again asap, but in the meantime, my Friesians are in need of your support. I can manage their day-to-day existence costs, but not the little luxuries every Friesian needs (because she is SO worth it.)

I earn my living from writing books and your patronage will enable me to spend more time writing, which helps me deal with the uncertainty of further upcoming surgery and with the fall-out afterwards.

So what do you get in exchange for your patronage?

On my Patreon feed, I will share with you, step-by-step, the system I use to write non-fiction personal development books, as I write each book. You can even take part in the creative process. As you will have helped to create the book, if you become a patron on tier 2 and upwards, I will add your name to the acknowledgement page of the new book.

I will share this creative writing process only on Patreon. This means you will have access to monthly exclusive content, not published anywhere else. Depending on the amount you contribute, you will also get sneak previews of my blog posts, exclusive access to my equine-guided mindfulness meditation research, advance reader copies (pdf) of the book you helped me write, discounted or free copies of my other books and workshop discounts.

All patrons get a Friesian Fillies Fan Club membership certificate and badge, a yearly Friesian Fillies Christmas card in December and one A4 Friesian Fillies poster per month (all in digital format.)

Attend the birth of a book…and assist in the delivery!

My (conservative) objective is to write at least two books per year and so to publish 10 books in the next 5 years.

Anything that you could spare would be a tremendous help…you can choose any one of the 4 different tiers described on the right side of this page, or you can give whatever amount you would like, from $5 upwards. I will be eternally grateful for every $5, and so will my Friesian mares, Belle de la Babinière, Tess des Sources Sacrées and Aurore d’Alegria. To meet my soul-mares, click here.

My blog posts at my blog SemperEquus will always remain free to read and so will the inspiration, motivation and support I share on social media. I will continue to support the creators on Patreon that I already support.


I’m happy to answer any questions that you may have. Contact me.
Thank you for your potential patronage!

The ones we do not mention…yet!