Today is the day we investigate one of the products that our region is famous for – wine! We are going to do this as an exercise in mindfulness, by concentrating on our olfactory (smell) and gustatory (taste) senses.

Join us for the morning walk if you feel in need of fresh air and exercise, or join us at 10h00, after you have helped yourself to breakfast, on the front porch from where we will be leaving for Saint Mont.

We are going to visit the Cotes de Saint Mont Wine Cellars, where you will be able to mindfully taste a large variety of wines. We will also visit the Saint Mont village that is nearly a thousand years old. Benedictine monks founded the Saint Mont Monastery in 1050 and promptly started planting vineyards. The monastery’s vineyard is still in production today. The village of Saint Mont, with ts 350 inhabitants, defiantly clings to the only hill in the vast, and very flat, Adour river valley. The river itself runs past the foot of this hill,  or “mont”. The Monastery, an imposing 12th-century building, sits squarely on the very top of the hill.

For more information about Saint Mont, its wine and its wine producers, click here to read an excellent article in English. You can also read a short article about how to taste wine mindfully here. If you want to use an app on your phone to help you taste and document wine, there is a very good list of wine tasting apps here.

From our Resources Page, you can download a Red/White Wine Tasting Sheet, a Glossary of Wine Terminology, a Guide on How to read a Wine Label, a French/English Dictionary of Wine Terminology and a Guide to Wine Tasting.

I will just run last night’s links past you again as well:

After our visit to Saint Mont, we head back to the farm for a picnic lunch and a short siesta.

This afternoon, we will introduce you to writing meditation. You will need pen and paper, or you may want to write on your tablet or laptop.

In preparation of this afternoon’s session, please read the chapter about Writing Meditation in your Mindfulness and Meditation in the south of France e-book as well as this web page: What is Writing Meditation?

You will find the Loving Meditation script that you need for this afternoon on our Scripts page. If you keep a journal, then you may want to add this exercise to your journal.

For more insight you can read my blog post Writing Meditation: Writing a letter to Yourself.

Dinner will once again be ready by 19h30. Since you do not need to do any preparation for tomorrow, you may want to get an early night. Or you may want to stay awake until it is completely dark to admire the stars. As there is so little light pollution in this part of the world, on a clear night, the Milky Way puts on quite a display.


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