Good Morning! What is the weather like this morning? I bet the sun is shining its little heart out. How are you? All ready and rearing to go? Come downstairs and join us for our early morning walk. We will be ready to go at 9h00. If you feel less energetic, if last night’s dinner went on a bit late, then you can sleep in, as long as you are ready for the morning’s mindfulness session at 10h00.

Thursday Morning

This morning, we are going to do a working meditation, combined with mindfulness focusing on your sense of movement and touch.

To prepare and make sure you get most from the session, you may want to read:

  • The Working Meditation chapter in you Mindfulness and Meditation in the south of France book
  • What is Working Meditation? on this website

If you have time, you can also look at our Working Meditation Retreat option, in case you decide you want to stay a bit longer.

As always when we work with the horses, you need to wear shoes that will protect your toes if a horse should accidently tread on your foot. Your walking shoes will probably be a good choice.

The “work” we are going to do today will be to groom the horses. I put the word “work” in quotation marks because many of our guests say that grooming does not feel like work at all. On the contrary, most say that it is a profoundly therapeutic experience. The horses love being groomed, most melt into a puddle of contentedness within the first 5 minutes of a grooming session.

This video will give you an idea of what we are going to do:

Do not worry, we will be there to show you the ropes.

When the horses have been groomed, it will be time for lunch. Your picnic basket awaits you in the guest wing’s kitchen.

Thursday Afternoon

This afternoon, you are going to find out more about Art meditation.

Best way to prepare for this session is to read

We encourage participants to make a vision board, either using the old magazines provided or using an online app. If this is not your thing, then you may prefer to look at some adult colouring pages and choose one that inspires you. Take your time, there is no hurry. The idea is to try out this meditation method to see if it appeals to you as a stress management strategy.

How to make a vision board (ignore the last 2 minutes):

How to use colouring in as a stress management strategy:

From our Resources Page, you can download a Colouring Book for Adults that will explain the exercise in more detail.

When you have finished, it will probably not be long until dinner time. Dinner will be ready at 19h30, in the front courtyard, under Merlin’s protective branches.

If you are religious, you may enjoy reading What is Christian meditation? this evening. Tomorrow, we are going to the Lac d’Aignan, deep in the heart of the Aignan forest, where we will have our picnic lunch after our usual mindfulness session. This session will include using your sense of taste. While we have our lunch, we will practice mindful eating. In preparation, you can read the feature article in the Mpower Me e-Magazine of November 2016.

Bonne Nuit et Beau Reves!

Guided Personal and Professional Growth – Reformed MD, assisted by six talented Horses, hosts Stress Management Mindfulness Meditation Workshops in the south of France

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