Mardi – Equine-guided Meditation and Writing Meditation

  • Breakfast: 9h30
  • Class: 10h00 Equine-guided  Meditation and Writing Meditation
  • Dinner: 19h30
  • Tomorrow’s Activities and Preparation: Mercredi (Wednesday)

Today, we are going to introduce you to equine-guided meditation. You can read each of the horses’ bios here.

Today’s preparation:

  • Read the chapter about Equine-guided Meditation in your Mindfulness and Meditation in the south of France e-book
  • Read and watch the video’s on the Equine-guided Meditation webpage on this website.
  • Read the chapter about Writing Meditation in your Mindfulness and Meditation in the south of France e-book as well as this web page: What is Writing Meditation?

Equine-guided Meditation

NB. This is not a guided meditation, a human voice word interfere will the horses’ guidance, so it important that you read the above so that you will have a basic understanding of what to do and what to expect during this meditation. A good idea would be to read the loving-kindness meditation on the Scripts page while you do this meditation, so download this meditation to your phone/tablet and bring your phone/tablet with you. (Wifi access is limited to the house and guest wing.)

Writing Meditation

At 11h00, we meet under Merlin, the oak tree in the front courtyard for an introduction to writing meditation. You will need pen and paper (we will provide some if you do not have any with you), or you may want to write on your tablet or laptop. If you keep a journal, then you may want to add this exercise to your journal.

For more insight you can read my blog post Writing Meditation: Writing a letter to Yourself



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