Jeudi Working Meditation

Good Morning! We hope that you had a lovely day yesterday.

  • Breakfast: 9h30
  • Class: 10h00 Working Meditation – Grooming the Horses
  • Dinner: 19h30
  • Tomorrow’s Activities and Preparation: Vendredi (Friday)

Today’s Preparations:

This morning, we are going to introduce you to working meditation. To prepare and make sure you get most from the session, you may want to read:

  • The Working Meditation chapter in you Mindfulness and Meditation in the south of France book
  • Read What is Working Meditation? on this website
  • Watch the How to groom your Horse video below
  • When we work with the horses, you need to wear shoes that will protect your toes if a horse should accidentally tread on your foot. Your walking shoes will probably be a good choice. You may want to review the Safety Precautions around Horses page.

If you have time, you can also look at our Working Meditation Retreat option, in case you decide you want to stay a bit longer.

The “work” we are going to do today will be to groom the horses. I put the word “work” in quotation marks because many of our guests say that grooming does not feel like work at all. On the contrary, most say that it is a profoundly therapeutic experience. The horses love being groomed, most melt into a puddle of contentedness within the first 5 minutes of a grooming session.

This video will give you an idea of what we are going to do:

The idea is to do it mindfully, there is no rush. Take your time to enjoy just being with the horses. Stand still for a moment and match your breathing to the horses breathing. This is very calming for both you and the horse. Most of our guests experience a connection of one definition or another with one or more of the horses during a grooming session. You can also groom more than one horse, even if he/she has already been groomed. Grooming for horses is like a full-body massage for us. Do not be shy to touch every part of your horse and do not forget mane and tails!

You are welcome to bring apples and carrots to give to the horses, but leave these treats outside the arena and only give them to the horses once we have finished the grooming session.

When the horses have been groomed, it will be time for lunch. Your picnic awaits you in the guest wing’s kitchen. You may want to practice eating it mindfully, using your sense of smell and taste. In preparation, you can read the feature article in the Mpower Me e-Magazine of November 2016. You can also read and download the book Mindful Eating from our Resources page.



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