Daily Workshop Program


We wish you a very warm welcome on this Equine-Guided Mindfulness Meditation Workshop and hope that you will have a hugely relaxing, inspiring and motivating time with us.


Just a few points to make sure you do not miss out on any of the opportunities we offer:

Everything on this page that is typed in RED is a clickable link that will take you to another page with more information about the word/s in red.

The workshop is not so busy that you will have no time to yourself, quite the contrary. So feel free to explore! not only the farm itself but also the surrounding region.

Sitting Spots

On the farm, you will discover a large number of sitting areas that we have created for you – somewhere you can just simply sit quietly, or sit and read, or sit and meditate. Please make use of as many of them as possible, not only the seating spots in the garden around the house but also those around the lake and in the upper field – if you are not sure, please ask – or you may want to find your preferred place and go back to it time and again – that is fine too.

meditation cornerAurileo d'Alegria

You can sit just about anywhere you like, except – and this is a very big except – inside the horses’ paddocks. You are very welcome to sit just outside, on the other side of the fence. Be aware that all the fences carry a strong electric current, it is best not to touch the wires. If the horses come over to say hello, it is fine to touch them, but please do not feed them anything but apples and carrots and never go into a paddock on your own.


Safety Precautions around Horses

Interacting with horses always carries a certain risk. To minimise this risk, please read our Safety Precautions Page very carefully, before you go anywhere near the horses.


There is a small bookcase with self-help books upstairs, please help yourself while you are here, but please leave the books behind when you leave.

The meditation room has a CD player in it, you can go in there and listen to the personal development/meditation CDs any time you feel like it. Once again, please leave these behind when you leave.

Kitchen and Meals

In the guest wing, there is a fully functional kitchen, where we prepare your main meal of the day, the evening meal. You are welcome to brew a cup of tea or coffee at any time. Everything is in the tins, with milk and fresh water in the fridge. We understand full well that most of you have to get up very early every morning to commute to work, and because we want you to go home happy and relaxed, we do not expect you to start your morning session at sunrise, unless you want to join us at 9h00 for the popular but optional invigorating walk through the vineyards surrounding Les Sources Sacrées. The morning mindfulness session officially starts at 10h00, and until then we keep everything (and everyone) as quiet as possible. This quiet time also gives you the opportunity to do any reading suggested for the morning’s session. Charles puts out all the breakfast things at 9h00: bread, butter, confiture (jam), yoghourt and fruit. Help yourself to what you feel like and grab a cup of tea/coffee/glass of water to go with it. Lunch is a picnic basket filled with regional delicacies that you can eat where ever you feel like and it is usually available from 13h00 onwards. Dinner starts at 19h30.

The Animonsters

In addition to the horses, we also have a dog and 4 cats. Melchiore is our Belgian Sheppard x Newfoundland dog, a great softie but sadly now getting on in years and no longer all that keen to accompany us on any of our walks.


The 4 cats are: Ebonie (with the shortest tail), Lady Lillie Liquoricie (with the longest tail), Sophie (the baby with the medium-sized tall) and Casper, a black and white chap – all of them rescues. Ebonie and Lillie are a bit shy, but Casper and Sophie are always ready for a cuddle.


Casper, Ebonie and Lillie

You can meet all the horses and find out more about them here.

Mobile phones

We have got nothing against mobile phones, on the contrary, they can be a useful aid to meditation – there are loads of useful meditation apps available now.  Unless you are using your phone as an aid to meditation though, please switch your phone off/put in on in-flight mode during all sessions (especially you are meditating with the horses) and during meals.  The rest of time the choice is yours – wifi is available free of charge in all rooms in the guest wing and we will give you the password on arrival.

If you would like a key to your room, if you would like to lock it when you are outside or inside, just ask.


Online Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

This excellent free online course lasts 8 weeks in total with contributions from Jon Kabat-Zinn (Wherever You Go, There You Are), Pema Chodron (When Things Fall Apart), Tara Brach (Radical Acceptance), Sylvia Boorstein (Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There), Sharon Salzberg (A Heart As Wide as the World), Robert Sapolsky (Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers), Marshall Rosenberg (Non-Violent Communication), and Jack Kornfield (A Path with Heart) – I highly recommend that you start the first week of this course during the workshop and that you continue with it when you get home. You can access it here:
palousemindfulness.com/selfguidedMBSR.html .

Since you are here to find out how to cope with and use stress to your advantage, a good place to start is to read more about How to relieve Stress with Meditation here.

De-mistifying Mindfulness

Another excellent free online mindfulness course presented by Coursera is De-mistifying Mindfulness, a course created by Prof. Dr. Chris Goto-Jones of Leiden University. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in an in-depth study of mindfulness.


Bookmark this page, because you will want to come back here frequently during the course.

Here is the program for the rest of the week:

We are so glad that you are finally here and we look forward to getting to know you better!

Guided Personal and Professional Growth – Reformed MD, assisted by six talented Horses, hosts Stress Management Mindfulness Meditation Workshops in the south of France