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mindfulness meditation retreat

Have you ever wondered: Why do I attract so many challenging and negative events, situations and relationships into my life?

Why do I feel tired all the time, inadequate, unloved and unappreciated? Why does it feel as if I have no energy to accomplish anything at all?

It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. If you are reading this page, you may be ready to re-condition your mind to accept success, energy and abundance into your life by attending an
Equine Guided Meditation Workshop.

«I would like to invite you personally to attend one of our Equine-guided Meditation workshops because I would like you, too, to benefit from our retreats’ life-changing and lasting influence. Presenting these workshops is intensely satisfying, especially as I continue to receive enthusiastic testimonials from my clients long afterwards. » Dr Margarétha Montegu

Are you ready for the richer, healthier, happier, more successful, love-filled life that you deserve?

Contact us today on welcome2gascony@gmail.com or fill in the form below:


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A Reformed MD, assisted by six talented Horses, hosts Workshops and writes Books in the south of France

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