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Many people today yearn to live a more joyful, creative, meaningful life… a life more in alignment with their unique talents, values and ideals. Yet no matter how much they desire to change the way they live, they are so busy holding everything together and taking care of everyone else that they end up resigning themselves to never being able to be who they want to be and go where they have always dreamed of going.

Is this YOU?

At times, we all feel over-burdened with the strain of everyday life. We feel mentally overwhelmed by the thousands of thoughts buzzing around in our heads and physically exhausted and we desperately long to escape from our heavy workload to a safe haven…is this what you feel like right now?

It is because we know exactly what that feels like that we have created these workshops. We offer Equine-guided Mindful Meditation Workshops from May to October, as individual, couple or small group retreats.

With the assistance of our patient but persistent horses, this Equine guided Meditation Workshop at Les Sources Sacrées offers you the opportunity to make a difference – in your own life and in the lives of others – for the greater good of all!

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A Reformed MD, assisted by six talented Horses, hosts Workshops and writes Books in the south of France

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