Margaretha Montagu

cropped-mmcom.jpgBonjour, I’m Margaretha. On the picture with me is my soul-mare, Belle de la Babinière.

I am the author of 5 personal empowerment books, all horse-inspired, life-enriching and subtly French flavoured. I am a retired medical doctor, I live in the south of France with my 3 horses, where I host residential transformational wellness retreats.

My Mission

To empower you with my workshops and my books to

  • compassionately accept yourself and appreciate your unique talents and abilities,
  • free yourself from immobilising fear and substantially increase your self-confidence,
  • communicate more efficiently and with more assertiveness,
  • eradicate limiting beliefs and replace them with inspiring beliefs,
  • develop more successful problem-solving skills,
  • believe in yourself so that you can make the changes you want to make in your life,
  • build strong, long-lasting relationships,
  • create a solid and reliable support network so that you can ask for help before you feel totally overwhelmed,
  • set firm boundaries and say NO without feeling guilty or needing to explain,
  • discover simple techniques to easily and effectively deal with stressful situations and
  • celebrate your success without needing to apologise for being brilliant.

My Story

More than a decade ago my life changed completely. I gave up my job as a medical doctor, I sold my house, I moved to another country, I retrained in a completely new discipline and started my own business.

In the last 10 years, the debilitating eye disease that threatens my sight got dramatically worse. Several unsuccessful operations have left me completely blind in one eye and with only 40% sight left in the other eye.

I started writing books because I felt an entirely irresistible urge to share with as many people as possible how I managed to survive this insufferable decade, in case what I have learned help others cope with equally difficult circumstances. Writing was my salvation. There is a certain satisfaction to be had from putting nearly thirty years of knowledge, training and experience down on paper.

First thing I learned was how to manage the stress of insecurity. Working as a medical doctor already gave me a few good ideas, but it was the fear of going blind that was my most merciless teacher. Stress can do serious damage to people’s mental and physical health. I was no exception. I quickly realised that more effective stress management strategies could enable me to live a long, happy and fulfilling life, full of purpose and meaning.

Today I run a business based on equine-facilitated personal empowerment.

I have finally made the dream come true that inspired me to make all those changes 10 years ago. To make it here, I had to develop a whole arsenal full of tried-and-tested strategies to cope with the challenges that came my way, challenges I often have to face with a severely limited number of resources.

In my books, and during our workshops, my horses and I share these strategies with you. Click on the red links to find out more.

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