Le Duc d’Alegria

Le Duc d’Alegria (a.k.a Jimmy) is first and foremost a gentleman. His title does not refer to his breeding (he is a cross with a fair amount of Arab thrown in) but to his noble character. If he comes over as somewhat reserved, it is because he would never dream of putting himself forward. He is devoted to our three Friesian mares and is quite happy to let them steal the show, which they invariably do. He does appreciate it hugely, though, should someone notice him and send a cuddle or a carrot his way.

Le Duc must be the most laid-back of all our horses, despite his Arabian blood. He used to compete successfully in endurance racing. These days he prefers a quiet nap in the shade with the mares, he certainly doesn’t seem to miss those glory days. He helped his previous owner with beginner riders and riders who had lost their horse riding confidence because of a fall or injury. He has limitless patience with people, dogs, cats and other horses alike and he is the first to notice if one of these is not feeling well.

Because of his gentle nature, new additions to the herd always try to bully him – he just patiently stands his ground until they leave him be. He is also very good with young folk – he is tolerant but a firm disciplinarian. Sadly the Duke’s best friend, our stallion Beau de la Babinière, died last year and the Duke was inconsolable for many months.

The Duke’s silky, silver coat shines as if lit from the inside after he has been groomed, although this might not be for long, as he also thoroughly enjoys a good roll, preferably in the mud!

The Duke’s kind, affectionate and endearing nature makes him a great favourite of Les Sources Sacrées’ guests. To make a reservation/enquiry about a workshop, please contact us on welcome2gascony@gmail.com or use the form below:


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