Equine-inspired Confidence Coaching

Do you want to totally transform the way you feel about yourself?
Have you always been mystified by the magical power of horses?
If so, Equine-inspired Confidence Coaching might be exactly what you need!

What could you achieve if you decided to believe you are worthy of only the very best?

If you had the courage to ask for what you want and insist that you get it, how much more could you accomplish?

My name is Dr Margaretha Montagu. I am an NLP Confidence Coach, a Medical Hypnotherapist, an Equine-assisted Personal Development Consultant and the author of several Confidence-building Books. Slowly recovering from a chronic condition that threatens my sight, I help women who are stuck to figure out what they want from life and then build the confidence they need to go for it. Equine-inspired Confident Coaching is intensive one-on-one coaching designed for women who want to take back control of their lives, at any stage of their life.

Equine-inspired Confidence Coaching provides you with tools which you can use to:

  • manage your time better so as to free up time to do the things you never have time for
  • challenge the and emotional blockages and self-sabotaging beliefs that you have about yourself that keep you from making significant progress
  • boost your self-esteem and help you build a strong and positive self-image
  • get clarity about what you want, why you want it and how you can get it
  • improve your relationships, interpersonal and communication skills
  • create a full, well-balanced life and make a lasting difference in the world
  • harness your authentic strengths, talents and abilities to reach your full potential

Ready to invest in your future? Empower yourself:

  • Book a complimentary “Discover Equine-Inspired Confidence Coaching” Call
  • Schedule a single 60 min Equine-Inspired Confidence Coaching Session: Change your perception of a specific situation
  • Sign up for the Equine-Inspired Life-Changer Confidence Coaching Program: 6 sessions followed by a free follow-up session 3 months later
  • Attend a Connect with Horses Residential Workshop in the south of France
  • Attend a Day Workshop either on-site in the south of France or organise a Connect with Horses Day Workshop near you.
  • Read one (or more) of my Books
  • Complete the Equine-Inspired Confidence Coaching Online Course – coming soon
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