Welcome to Gascony!

Welcome to our Wellness Retreats In the sun-drenched southwest of France: the Introduction to Intermittent Fasting RetreatWrite Your Story Writers’ RetreatConnect and Communicate with Horses Retreat, and the reinvent yourself with the virtual/residential Your Magical Future Retreat 

Gascony – a Slow Travel Sanctuary

What makes Gascony such an exceptional wellness retreat holiday destination? Gascony:

  • has 2250+ hours of sunshine a year – the same amount as Nice and the Côte d‘Azur, Monaco and Provence. Gascony is one of the warmest areas of France with the most sunshine and the longest summers: March to December
  • is the final French frontier – a land where few tourists have gone before. This well-kept secret haven is nestled deep in the most south-western corner on the French-Spanish border – it is unspoilt and undiscovered
      • Is easy to get to – fly to Pau, Tarbes-Lourdes, Biarritz, Toulouse or Bordeaux, or take the TGV to Bordeaux from Paris – only takes 3 hours – from where you can rent a car or take an RER train to Mont de Marsan, or you can drive your own car from one of the ferry ports and get to Gascony within 8/9 hours.
      • Is a country within a country. It has its own culture, its own language, its own beliefs, its own festivals and ferias (bullfights, bull races, flamenco, salsa and jazz) but still manages to remain essentially French
      • Has the Cotes de Gascogne wines, white, rose and red, and Armagnac, the oldest eau de vie in France, Floc, an aperitif with class and Pousse Rapiere, an aperitif with a twist
      • Has Magret de Canard, Paella, Potées, Confits, Pôelées, Pastis Feuilleté and Foie gras dans tous ses états and an army of chefs at exceptional restaurants who use only the freshest ingredients to ensure the old, gourmet Gascon recipes survive and to invent new ones
      • Has hot springs with known healing properties and several cool springs breaking the surface at various secret locations: Cazaubon, Lectoure and Castera-Verduzan and it is less than an hour’s drive from Lourdes
      • Is an hour’s drive from the ski slopes and ski-stations of the Pyrennées for ski addicts in the winter and for modern-day explorers there are some spectacular walking routes during the summer
      • Has several excellent golf courses four 18 holes and two 9 holes in the Gers alone (the oldest golf course in France is at Pau) and many enthusiastic players, very reasonable green fees and a relaxed approach to playing dress, probably due to the wonderful weather
      • Has medieval bastide towns, Roman archaeological remains (30 mosaics at Séviac), splendid cathedrals, fortified castles, mesmerising museums, Armagnac distilleries and vineyards, water parks, horse racing circuits
        • Is crossed by two of the official St Jacques de Compostelle walking routes (GR/grande randonnée), several other PR (petit randonnée) walking routes, as well as miles of cycling routes and bridle paths
        • Its people celebrate the simple things in life: large quantities of rich food, excellent wine (and Armagnac) and good company in the most extravagant fashion, and still, as a nation, weigh less and live longer than anyone else in France – Americans call it the French Paradox, we call it the Gascony Paradox

Care to investigate this intriguing contradiction?

Nowhere else will you find all the ingredients of an unforgettable  wellness retreat combined with such abundance as in Gascony: fabulous food, outstanding wine, generous people and the breath-taking beauty of mountains, rivers, lakes and medieval villages perched on hilltops…

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