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Grab a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate or whatever you fancy with a croissant, pain-au-chocolat or your country’s equivalent and allow me to take you on a short visit to our region in the south-west of France. Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy.

This is Gascony – land of sunflowers, vineyards, orchards, lakes, woods and rivers, of magnificent sunsets and of breathtaking sunrises.

We have lost-in-time hamlets, medieval villages, towering cathedrals, mesmerising museums and bustling market towns…

We have, of course, decadently delicious food and outstanding and characterful wines. 

Gascony, in the south-west of France, south-east of Bordeaux, is an undiscovered and unspoilt paradise. It is one of the least populated and unpolluted parts of France. I would love to welcome you here in person, should you wish to join me for a Walking and Wine tasting retreat, a Write Your Story Writers’ retreat, an Introduction to Fasting retreat, a Connect with Horses Mindfulness retreat. or a virtual or residential Claim Your Magic Future retreat.

I have created a playlist for my book, Self-Confidence Made Simple, with more than 30 of the most beautiful French chansons ever written. You can listen to this playlist while you look through the pictures, as background music.

I suspect that having looked at these gorgeous pictures and having listened to these beautiful songs, you now feel much calmer and more relaxed. In this frame of mind, you will benefit greatly from reading and absorbing my 10 Steps to Instant Self-Confidence Guide and my Coping Successfully with Change Cheatsheet and Checklist (see below). You can download this guide by clicking on the link below:

Instant Self-Confidence by Dr Margaretha Montagu

Coping with Change Cheatsheet and Checklist

I have come across another book online that I think you might enjoy:

The Little Book of Mindfulness


My brand-new Facebook Group

I have wanted to create an online group of my own for three years now, but I could never get the courage together to do so. I kept thinking, “What if no one wants to join my group?”

I have finally created my group. I have received invaluable support from my Facebook friends during the last three years so I have decided that it is time to give something back, especially to everyone who feels insecure, threatened, confused, frustrated, anxious, tired and overwhelmed because of the pandemic. So I am establishing a community where we can all support each other, not only those of us who already know each other, but whoever decides to join our community: people of all ages, cultures and convictions. My dream is to prove to 10 000 or more people how unique, powerful, gifted, strong, valuable, talented, courageous, special, caring and lovable they are by helping them to find a renewed sense of purpose that will motivate them to establish supportive relationships so that they can make a difference to others’ lives, and thus give meaning to their own lives. That is why the name of our community is “We live purposeful, meaningful and fulfilling lives.” I will weekly share tools, strategies and resources that members of our community can implement to find their purpose, create meaningful relationships and live fulfilling lives. If you would like to help me build this community, as a foundation member, please click on “JOIN” on this page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/welivemeaningfullives. If this resonates with you, please join us.

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Bienvenue à bord!

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