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Thank you so much for persevering to this page! You can download your Instant Stress Relief and Self-Confidence Solution for Horse Lovers HERE. .

A bit further down, I’ll explain my long-term stress management strategy. In the meantime, grab a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or whatever you fancy with a croissant, pain-au-chocolat, or your country’s equivalent and allow me to take you on a short visit to my region here in the south-west of France. Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy.

This is Gascony – land of sunflowers, vineyards, orchards, lakes, woods and rivers, of magnificent sunsets and of breath-taking sunrises.

Here you will find have lost-in-time hamlets, medieval villages, towering cathedrals, mesmerising museums, and bustling market towns…

  • Mindful eating

We also have, naturellement, decadently delicious food and entirely irresistible and characterful wines. 

Gascony, in the southwest of France, south-east of Bordeaux, is an undiscovered and unspoilt paradise. It is one of the least populated and unpolluted parts of France. I would love to welcome you here in person, should you wish to join me for a Walking and Wine tasting retreat, a Write Your Story Writers’ retreat, an Introduction to Intermittent Fasting retreat, a Connect with Horses Mindfulness retreat. or a virtual or residential Design Your Magic Future retreat.

I have created a playlist for my book, Self-Confidence Made Simple, with more than 30 of the most beautiful French chansons ever written. You can listen to this playlist while you look through the pictures, as background music.

Having looked at these gorgeous pictures and listened to the songs, you most likely feel much calmer and more relaxed than you did before. Let’s talk about that long-term stress management strategy I mentioned. I am 100% convinced – and research by Dr. Robert Emmons, the world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude, supports this belief – that practicing gratitude is the ultimate stress-busting strategy. So convinced that I wrote a book to prove it: Embracing Chance in 10 minutes a Day.

You can buy my book, read all about it and discover how to manage stress, or you can read the emails that I will send you helping you to develop a powerful stress-dissolving strategy through journaling.

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Bienvenue à bord!

Margaretha (Any questions? E-mail me on margarethamontagu{at}gmail.com)