Non Participating Guests

Many of our workshop participants have friends, partners and spouses who would love a trip to the sun-backed south of France but who do not feel all that passionate about mindfulness…or about meditation. We combine delicious seasonal food, comfortable, inspiring surroundings with a true commitment to enable everyone to escape the daily grind and enjoy their stay here.

Non-participating guests share in everything the workshop offers except for the meditation and the mindfulness sessions. There is loads to do on the farm and in the immediate vicinity: walking, cycling, sightseeing, shopping, kayaking, water skiing, fishing, visiting a spa, golfing, wine tasting or just relaxing. So, as soon as the participants leave for their meditation sessions, those still at the house can settle back and luxuriate in the peace and quiet. In bed. The house is saturated with sunlight and cooled by the fragrant mountain breeze. Here everyone can unwind entirely, sleep deeply and soundly in the silent, star-filled night, wake up refreshed and full of energy, breathe fresh, herb-scented air, drink pure water, relax and rejuvenate body and soul…

During the day, the more guests adventurous can spend the endless sun-drenched days exploring the unspoilt countryside, medieval fortified villages, bustling fruit and vegetable markets, brocantes and antique fairs, fascinating museums and art collections…We DO recommend hiring a car for the duration of the holiday to give non-participating guests the chance to explore the many historic sites, golf courses, water parks, street markets and vineyards. 

Guests with cars may choose to

  • visit the outstanding Armagnac, Madiran and Saint Mont vineyards in the area

  • play golf at one or more of the excellent 18-hole golf courses in the vicinity

  • attend a bull fight or a course landaise or go skiing in the winter

  • luxuriate in the thermal spa at Bagnères-de-Bigorre or Pau

  • attend a stage de pilotage at the motor racing circuit at Nogaro

  • walk, run or cycle through the woods and past the lakes of the Landes

  • practice a hobby like photography or painting

  • go swimming, canoeing and surfing on the Atlantic Coast

  • spend time shopping in the exquisite boutiques of Bordeaux, Pau, Tarbes, Toulouse, Agen and Mont de Marsan

  • attend the horse racing at the “English” city of Pau – it also has the oldest golf course on the continent

  • walk a part of the St Jacques de Compostelle route towards Spain

  • discover the regional irresistible cuisine including foie gras, maigret de canard, cassoulet and canard confit

  • discover the influence the British had on the local history and landscape

Now you can make your holiday even more unforgettable by sharing it with someone special, even if they don’t meditate! No need to worry about what your partner will do the whole day long. With so much to do, or not to do, we’re confident they will enjoy the holiday just as much as you will. Join us for a fun, informative, relaxing and affordable holiday in Gascony, a magical and unspoilt land of vineyards, majestic mountains, woods, lakes and sunflower fields near Bordeaux in the south-west of France. Immerse yourself in the true French vineyard life!

Our workshops are designed to showcase Gascony’s finest wines, scrumptious food, glorious history, mysterious medieval villages, indomitable spirit and spectacular scenery. There is something of value for everyone in Gascony – including privacy, peace and quiet.

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