Coping with Change – assisted by Horses

Horses Facilitating CHANGE

We all fear CHANGE.

Losing our income, our savings, our health, our homes, our independence, our friends and family…

To survive, and even thrive in this pandemic-ravaged world, we need to become experts at coping with CHANGE.

Did you know that horses can teach and equip you to handle every CHANGE that comes your way, no matter how terrifying, dramatic or challenging?

Mine did. My Friesian horses helped me through more CHANGES than I have space to list here: expected or unexpected, planned or imposed, sudden, intermittent or gradual. Name a life change, I bet I have experienced it personally. It was painful to have to retire from medicine, to embark on a new career, to start a business from scratch, to get divorced, to lose people and animals I love. It was terrifying to move lock stock and barrel to another country, several times, but the most frightening of all was to lose one of my eyes and to live with the constant threat of losing the little vision I have left in the other.

You may love horses, but you may not have one to hand to help you through the pandemic-induced changes you have to handle. To show you how horses can help you manage change personally, or help your clients if you already work in this field with horses, I hav created a workshop explaining, step-by-step, how my horses help me and my clients daily.

If you are interested in attending this retreat, please pm me your email address or send it to

  • Thank you for offering such a personally experienced course for making it through the changes today. I am sorry to know that you have lost an eye. I know that it didn’t change your beauty or your tenacity – if anything had increased iy. Thank you for always being there with your positive messages, kind words and friendship. E. Gianola

Very interesting, reassuring and truthful. No textbook wisdom but hard life experience against a medical background put at one’s disposal through a course with three beautiful Friesian horses. E Smulders