Connect with Horses Day Retreat


Several of our friends here in France have suggested that we do a non-residential one-day retreat so that they can find out exactly what it is that we do with our horses! Always eager to please, we have created our Connect with Horses Day Retreats as an introduction to the most popular features of our residential retreats: Equine-assisted Personal Development and Equine-guided Mindfulness Meditation.

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The day starts at 9h00 with a quick cup of coffee or tea before we set off on foot in the company of the horses for a walking meditation through the vineyards, woods, sunflower fields and meadows surrounding Les Sources Sacrées.

Our walk is followed at 10h30 with an introduction to equine-assisted personal development and empowerment. It is important to take two things on board here:

  1. No experience of horses is necessary to benefit from these sessions
  2. No riding is involved during this one-day retreat.

You can find out more about equine-assisted personal empowerment by clicking here. The session consists of an active interaction phase followed by a debriefing phase.

At 12h30 we break for a light lunch and usually a very animated discussion of the day’s events so far.

At 14h00 we reconvene for an equine guided meditation session and a writing meditation session. Click on the links to find out more about these two meditation methods.

At 16h00 we meet again under Merlin, our 200+-year old oak tree for a questions-and-answer opportunity and a cup of tea.

The retreat formally ends at 17h00, but participants are welcome to spend some more time with the horses – they always appreciate a goodbye cuddle from their visitors at the end of the day.

We spend a few agonising hours trying to decide what to charge for our one-day retreats including lunch.  My individual equine-assisted experiential learning sessions are priced at 75 euro and an individual equine-guided meditation session at 50 euro, which brings us to 125 euro before we have added the cost of lunch… This seemed a bit steep, we do not after all want to lose all our friends! so we decided to settle on 75 euro for the whole day, including the tea/coffee, the walk with the horses, the equine-assisted personal development session, the lunch, the equine guided mindfulness and writing meditation sessions and the question and answer session.

In addition, all participants will receive an e-mail the day beforehand, clarifying what to expect, what to bring, how to dress, how to remain safe around the horses and with links to informative articles about equine-assisted interventions.

If you would like to know more or if you would like to attend a day retreat, please contact us on welcome2gascony{at] If you would like to be informed of scheduled day retreats, please subscribe to our mailing list and monthly magazine list the top right of this page.