How to order a Hamburger in France

Yesterday, we went to one of our favourite bistros to eat HAMBURGERS. We absolutely adore hamburgers. Some of you, especially from across the pond, may be somewhat surprised to hear this. Is this not the land of milk and honey, known for its innovative but also traditional gastronomical extravagances ? Really ? Hamburgers ?

Checklist : 10 Essentials to bring on a Mindfulness Meditation Retreat

Suitable clothes. If you are going on a retreat in the summer, especially if you are coming to us here in the south of France, it is going to be HOT. Temperatures of up to 35° C in July and up to 40°C in August are not unknown. So bring light, loose-fitting clothing, t-shirts and …

Gratitude Meditation: Pay It Forward

Would you be willing to risk your life and your horse's life?... Would you be willing to risk your own life and your horse's life to lead more than 100 horses to safety, including pregnant mares and foals, knowing that you and your horse would have to swim part of the way? Knowing that all previous attempts have failed and that 19 horses have died already?

Gratitude Journals

Did you know that there is a growing body of scientific evidence that suggests gratitude increases one's level of well-being? According to Wikipedia, “grateful people are happier, less depressed, less stressed, and more satisfied with their lives and social relationships.” But what does one have to do to enjoy these benefits? How often does one …