Secure Your Future

by Dr Margaretha Montagu

Secure your Future ebook

Are you worried that you may get seriously ill and not be able to afford medical care?
Do you fear that you may lose your job and not be able to provide for your family?
Do you worry that your relationship may disintegrate under the strain and end in divorce?
Do you sometimes feel your stomach churning, break out in a sweat, have palpitations and struggle to breathe?
Do you fear that, due to the current economic downturn, you may become destitute and end up living on the streets?
Are you anxious about the possibility that your business may fail and that you will be declared bankrupt?
Do you lie awake at night, anxiously trying to stop your mind dwelling on the worst possible case scenario for the future?

We live in a world which is potentially dangerous and inherently unpredictable. We often respond to this insecurity by worrying about the future. So much of what we worry about has to do with losing what we have: our health, our happiness, our friends and our family, our financial security, our freedom, our independence and ultimately, our lives. We worry that all or what little we have may be taken from us, in a second, at any time.

Worrying, however, serves no purpose. It is often irrational, counterproductive and in the long run, worrying can harm our physical and/or mental health. In addition, persistent severe anxiety, fear, worry, despair and depression can reduce your ability to cope with your present challenges and difficulties. So how can we stop worrying, especially in the light of recent political and economic events?

In my book, Secure Your promising, purposeful and prosperous Future, I will introduce you to a fool-proof strategy that will enable you not to suppress your worries but to STOP worrying once and for all. This strategy is supported by 10 stress-dissolving tools that can either be used separately or in combination. The aim of this book is not just to empower you to resolve your fear of the future and handle your frustration with past events, but to enable you to cope effectively with stress and to help you fulfil your whole potential and work steadily towards the future of your dreams, a future brighter than your wildest expectations.

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The sooner you start reading this book and start using the suggested strategies, the sooner you can get your peace of mind back.

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Secure Your Future ebook