About Dr Margaretha Montagu

“It has been my life-long dream to create a safe, stress-less, secluded and supportive space where people of all ages can come to rest and figure out who they are, what they really want and how they are going to get it – with the help of my intuitive and inspiring horses.

After working for 20 years as a medical doctor in a variety of specialities including psychiatry and general practice, I came to the conclusion that many diseases have their roots in my patients’ inability to handle stress effectively. Instead of treating stress-related illnesses, I decided to look at practical ways that my patients can use to prevent stress from ruining their health.

I studied a number of alternative therapies including hypnosis, meditation and NLP, all very useful and instructive but not as fulfilling as I had hoped. I had loved horses since I was a little girl, but once I started medicine, there was no more time to devote to this gentle obsession. By 2005, as I was wondering if there could possibly be a way of combining the last 20 years’ training and experience with my love for horses, I came across Equine-assisted Psychotherapy and Experiential Learning. I was hooked right from the start: the effectiveness of the treatment, the short duration and the lasting results quickly convinced me that this is the way forward.

I re-trained as an equine-assisted experiential learning facilitator and bought my first horse, a magnificent Friesian mare called Beitske van’t Sluijt (Belle to her friends). Several others have since joined the herd, some were born into it, some were rescued and some were very welcome near-gifts. ” Dr Montagu


Dr Montagu (MBChB, MRCGP, NLP cert, Med Hyp Dip and EAGALA) is an experienced medical doctor, medical hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. She has worked in a variety of medical disciplines, including Psychiatry.11228 Dr Montagu has retired from medical practice and now shares what she has learned through her books. She speaks English and French and has a basic knowledge of Dutch and German.


In spite of these qualifications, Dr. Montagu is a very11225 down-to-earth person who has a warm, personal, active and non-judgemental approach to problem-solving. She will help you address your problems with highly structured, solution-oriented techniques and she will treat you with as much respect, dignity and compassion as she treats her horses.


Dr. Montagu has had extensive experience with a variety of individuals covering a wide panorama of disciplines, age, education, ethnic and cultural heritage. Her frequent attendance at professional conventions and participation in continuing education classes and seminars has greatly expanded her repertoire of therapeutic 82techniques. When she writes er books, she draws from many modalities, including Cognitive/Behavioural Therapy, Emotional Focused Couple Therapy, Positive Psychology, Short-term Solution-Focused Therapy, Equine-assisted Experiential Learning and NLP.

Dr Montagu’s approach to Equine-assisted Experiential Learning emphasises self-exploration and self-revelation promoting understanding, recognition, respect, better communication and appreciation of others.

Drawing upon this rich background of training and experience, Dr. Montagu and her horses will help you understand, evaluate and neutralise the limiting beliefs that you bring to your present situation so that you may be free to become the kind of person that you choose.

GE DIGITAL CAMERA“Thanks so much for a wonderful morning. It really has given me some food for thought as well as being incredibly enjoyable.” H Nightingale Equine-assisted Experiential Learning session

Code of Ethics

– To provide professional services of the highest standard in assisting clients with Equine-assisted Experiential Learning
– To continue her own professional development by reading relevant material and by pursuing other educational opportunities by attending suitable conferences, workshops and seminars.
-To constantly monitor the well-being of the client, referring them to other professionals if necessary.
-To treat all horses and clients with respect and compassion, focussing on their physical as well as psychological well-being during activities;
– To ensure careful and considerate handling of the horses.
– To be respectful of colleagues and other professionals.

If you like to master the challenges you face currently as well as discover what you can do to change these challenges into opportunities, e-mail me on welcome2gascony@gmail.com or contact us by filling in the form below:

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