Mindfulness Meditation Stress Management workshops with Horses 3 days

Stress Management Workshops based on Mindfulness Meditation with Horses

Imagine spending 3 days/3 nights in the presence of these magnificent creatures while learning more about mindfulness from the mindfulness masters that horses undoubtedly are.

Our workshops are not mounted, so no horse riding during these workshops.
If YOU are  ready to discover how mindfulness can help you change your life dramatically 
– if you are ready to find out exactly how to go about it –
then join Dr Margaretha Montagu and her six horses for an unforgettable holiday in the sun-blessed south of France. 

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Imagine relaxing into a deckchair, closing your eyes, on a sunny summer’s day,  on a deck next to a 2-acre lake. You feel safe and secure in this, your own private little sanctuary, peacefully thinking over the changes you are making in your life to ensure a happier, healthier more fulfilling future. Nearby, six contented horses are dozing in the sunshine and as you drift off, you are filled with a sense of well-being, content just to be in their presence…

Sound good? Let me tell you more.

If you feel overwhelmed by the unrelenting stress of modern day living, attending this mindfulness meditation workshop for women, amongst the ancient vineyards in the sun-blessed south of France, offers you:

  • the opportunity to combine your love of travel with your interest in personal development
  • an affordable escape from the always escalating demands of everyday life,
  • easy access via 5 international airports, served by low-cost airlines, less than 2 hours’ drive from the retreat
  • a safe haven in one of the most beautiful parts of France, secluded but not isolated, a place where you can rest and sleep undisturbed for as long as you need to
  • the opportunity to discover a variety of meditation methods to help identify the method you prefer and can use most effectively to combat stress
  • the chance to learn more about mindfulness, its extensive benefits and how to apply mindfulness to day-to-day living
  • fresh air, clean water and scrumptious home-cooked and mostly home-grown food to nourish both your body and your mind

The good news is that you have found exactly the right workshop: attending a Connect with Horses Workshop, based on the book Mindfulness and Meditation in the south of France, will enable you to make the changes you want to make so that you can live a more joyful, creative and meaningful life… a life more in alignment with your unique talents, values and ideals.


That is not all. There is MORE:
  • Mindfulness training as well as the opportunity to explore 2 unique meditation methods: walking meditation with horses and equine-guided meditation.
  • the option to find out more about the extensive benefits of equine-assisted experiential learning.
  • the opportunity to attend two of the following field trips:
  • a wine-tasting visit to the wine cellars of the nearby Saint Mont vineyards, including a visit to the Saint Mont monastery and the medieval village that clings defiantly to the slopes below it – a place where mindfulness and meditation have been part of daily life since the 12th century,
  • a visit to a fresh food market in a neighbouring village, where you will be able to observe French housewives mindfully choosing the ingredients they use to cook the rich, mouth-watering meals characteristic of Gascon gastronomy and where you will have the opportunity of mindfully following their example,
  • the option to walk part of the possibly life-changing Camino de Santiago (Way of St James), to follow in the footsteps of pilgrims who have passed this way for a thousand years on their way to Santiago de Compostella in Spain.  This 20 km walk, from Eauze to Nogaro (stage 22) is fairly flat and takes around 5 hours to complete.

Do you feel over-burdened by the trials and tribulations of life? Do you feel physically exhausted and mentally strangled and desperately long to escape?

If so, then a Connect with Horses Mindfulness Meditation Workshop at Les Sources Sacrées retreat centre in the sun-drenched south of France is exactly what you need right now – joining us will enable you to make a difference – in your own life and in the lives of others – for the greater good of all!

Interested? Contact us NOW on welcome2gascony(at)gmail.com
A simple inquiry will put you under no obligation.

Workshop dates for 2017 (3 days/3 nights – from Saturday 16h00 till Tuesday 11h00)
  • 24 June – 1 July (full)
  • 22-29 July 
  • 19-26 August (full)
  • 23-30 September

If your preferred workshop is full, we also host a small number of individual VIP workshops each year, at no extra cost – please contact us at welcome2gascony@gmail.com to find out more.

The starting dates are flexible, you can arrive on the Saturday (see above), on the Sunday or on the Wednesday of the week following the starting date.

The Venue

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Les Sources Sacrées is a retreat centre with a history – the 6 natural springs feeding our 2 acre/1 hectare lake are reputed to have healing properties. Pilgrims on the St Jacques de Compostelle pilgrim’s route have been making a detour here for centuries, to “take the waters” and pray in the adjacent chapel.

The farm, deep in the heart of Gascony, 90 minutes’ drive south-east of Bordeaux, is located on 20 acres of lush, green meadows and is surrounded by vineyards, woods, orchards and sunflower fields. Secluded but not isolated, this 200-year-old farmhouse is 3km from a typical local village. Here,  you can lie back in a sun lounger on the deck by the lake, or swing in a hammock under the oak trees, or sit in a deckchair in the potager with a pot of Redbush tea or take pictures of Les Source Sacrées’ gorgeous Friesian horses…but more about that later.

 Les Sources Sacrées has everything you need to relax completely and fully recharge your batteries.

The Gastronomy of Gascony

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We believe in feeding the body as well as the mind – while you are finding out how to make the changes you want to make in your life, you will be indulging in the best food and wine that our region has to offer: freshly baked, crunchy French bread, wildflower-flavoured honey from our bees, jam made from the fruit grown in our orchard, vegetables just-picked in our potager and  pure, fresh spring water…you will also be introduced to the famous gastronomy of Gascony:  paella, confit de canard, couscous Gascon and Tarte Tatin à l’Armagnac and have the opportunity to discover  the excellent wines of our region.

What is wrong with the South Of France

The Workshop Leaders

Prepare yourself for a big surprise.

Your workshop leader is Dr Margaretha Montagu, a medical doctor with many years of experience in treating stress-related diseases in women and her assistants: six super-smart horses. This is what makes a workshop at Les Sources Sacrées UNIQUE: six generous and gorgeous horses are going to help you put everything you learn about mindfulness and meditation into practice. Margaretha, as well as being a medical doctor, a hypnotherapist and a certified NLP practitioner, is also a certified equine-assisted experiential learning coach.

If you are ready to make changes, but you do not feel confident /smart /inspired /motivated /supported /attractive enough, you may want to try an equine-assisted experiential learning (EEL) session. EEL will help you:

  • free yourself from immobilising fear and dramatically increase your self-confidence,
  • discover simple techniques to easily and effectively deal with stressful situations
  • communicate more efficiently and with more assertiveness,
  • find out how to accept and appreciate yourself,
  • strengthen and deepen relationships at work and at home,
  • eradicate limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering beliefs that inspire you,
  • develop more successful problem-solving skills,
  • thrive on changes and challenges and
  • gain a solid understanding of who you are now.

These sessions are optional and not included in the price of the holiday.

Intrigued? Contact us now on welcome2gascony(at)gmail.com

Dr Margaretha Montagu and Belle

What is included in this workshop:
  • Comfortable accommodation in a private wing of an 18th century, half-timbered, authentic Landaise farmhouse in single or twin bedrooms with shared bathrooms.
  • Delicious breakfasts served al fresco under the 200+-year-old oak tree in the front courtyard.
  • Delightful picnic lunches: a basket full of local delicacies for you to enjoy on your own or in company anywhere on the farm: there are several seating areas scattered around the house, in the woods, next to the paddocks, by the lake and on the island in the lake.
  • Scrumptious dinners  featuring the irresistible food and outstanding wine of our region, including a farewell dinner on your last night
  • Tea and coffee making facilities available 24/7 in the kitchen of the private wing and the fridge is always stocked with a few bottles of ice-cold spring water.
  • Transport during the wine tour/village market visit/Camino walk.
  • 2 meditation sessions based on a variety of meditation techniques – walking meditation with the horses as well as equine-guided meditation.
  • Free Wifi.
What is NOT included:
  • Transport costs to local airports and train stations – there are 5 international airports less than 2 hours drive from Les Sources Sacrées
  • Transport from local airports and train stations to the farm
  • Personal Health Insurance and/or Travel Insurance (we highly recommend insurance cover in case you need to cancel)
  • Your Equine-assisted Experiential Learning sessions. A session costs 40 euro and lasts 30-60 minutes.
Ready to make a booking? We only run a limited number of workshops per year. Contact us on welcome2gascony@gmail.com

Daily Program
  • Early morning: Optional invigorating walk through the vineyards, woods, meadows and orchards that surround Les Sources Sacrées
  • Breakfast under Merlin, the 200+-year-old oak tree in our front garden
  • Short introduction to a specific aspect of mindfulness followed by a field trip
  • Picnic lunch
  • Siesta
  • Introduction to one of the meditation methods mentioned above with time to practice
  • Dinner, also al fresco under Merlin, weather permitting.
  • Time off to prepare for the next day’s mindfulness and meditation sessions

The workshop is the practical part of the book Mindfulness and Meditation in the south of France, written by Dr Montagu as a workbook to accompany her workshops. Each participant receives a free e-book copy 2 weeks before the start of the workshop. The book also functions as support for participants once the workshop is over, with several links to useful articles, websites, TED talks, Facebook groups, guided meditations etc.


To make 100% sure you benefit from this retreat, there is still MORE.
  • You will have the opportunity to attend a VIP day (intensive individual coaching day) before or after the retreat,
  • You will be able to subscribe to a 3/6/12 month coaching programme, offering continuing support after the retreat to help you implement the changes you have decided to make,
  • To facilitate transport arrangements, or to explore the region, you are welcome to arrive a day or two early or leave a day or two after the retreat – we also offer additional accommodation (BandB or self-catering) on a day-to-day basis, but only to our workshop guests (contact us to find out more,
  • You can also choose to attend the workshop for a longer period –  the 5 days/5 nights workshop or the 7 day/7night workshop. Click on the links to find out more.
  • Non-participating partners are very welcome, there is a lot for them to discover and do in the immediate vicinity.

meditation retreat

By coming on a retreat here, you will be contributing to the well-being of the local community
  • We believe in sustainable tourism. We believe that we have a sacred duty to preserve the farm, the land, the lake and the springs for future generations, so we do everything we can to make as small a footprint on our land as we can, including limiting the number of guests we receive per year,
  • We are seriously into permaculture and we are in the process of incorporating permaculture concepts into the structure of the farm,
  • We are also a foster farm for abused horses and one of our horses, Aurileo d’Alegria, is an ex-bullfighter we rescued from slaughter on his way to the abattoir.
Workshop dates for 2017  (3 days/3 nights – from Saturday 16h00 till Tuesday 11h00)
  • 24 June – 1 July (full)
  • 22-29 July 
  • 19-26 August (full)
  • 23-30 September

If your preferred workshop is full, we also host a small number of individual VIP workshops each year, at no extra cost – please contact us at welcome2gascony@gmail.com to find out more.

The starting dates are flexible, you can arrive on the Saturday (see above), on the Sunday or on the Wednesday of the week following the starting date.

Only a limited number of participants will be able to attend an Equine-guided Personal Empowerment Workshop at Les Sources Sactrées every year!

To ensure everyone gets individual, quality attention and the time to ask questions, we limit our groups to 10 guests and we only host a limited number of retreats per year – which mean you will need to reserve early to be one of the fortunate guests who come to Les Sources Sacrées this year.

Ready to make a reservation? Contact us on welcome2gascony@gmail.com or please fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

“Thank you so much – the horse-guided meditation and experiential learning have really helped me both in my professional and private life. Thank you again for all the hard work you put into making it such a memorable event. And a big thank you also to Beau and Belle – with my horse phobia I never dreamt that I would one day feel the irresistible need to hug such imposing animals.” Alicia Paturas

Invest in Your Future

You do not have to continue to feel stressed and overwhelmed by all the demands made on your time. Invest in yourself, in your mental and physical health, by attending a workshop that will introduce you to effective and practical stress management strategies.

Now is a good time to make a Fresh Start.

Join us for an Equine-guided Growth Workshop in one of the most beautiful parts of France, where you will find out how to ensure that the rest of your life is long, happy, healthy and fulfilling and full of purpose and meaning.

It is not too late to start over.
The best is yet to come!

Imagine how different your life will be in a year’s time if you decide to change your life by attending an Equine-guided Mindfulness Meditation Workshop this year. Contact us on welcome2gascony@gmail.com or fill in the form below:

Privacy notice: We take your privacy seriously. Your details are not passed on or sold to any third parties whatsoever and we promise to only use your details to contact you directly ourselves.

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Invest in Yourself Now



Guided Personal and Professional Growth – Reformed MD, assisted by six talented Horses, hosts Stress Management Mindfulness Meditation Workshops in the south of France