Take a Walk on the Wild Side this Weekend

Originally published in the Savoir Vivre Vignettes newsletter on LinkedIn – with insight-giving Stories from my Transformational Retreats here in the South of France

It’s Thursday, and the weekend is in sight.

I’m sure you are aware of the varied benefits of spending time in Nature: it’s been scientifically proven to be good for both your physical and psychological health.

You are also most likely aware of the benefits of being grateful – this too has been scientifically confirmed to improve your physical and psychological health.

So how about combining these two activities this weekend to boost your #emotionalresilience?

This is one of my favourite ways to let off steam, not only at the weekend but anytime during the week when I struggle with a seemingly unsolvable problem:

I grab Arcadi’s lead, my rescued Borzoi, and we go for a walk in the vineyards surrounding my cottage. While I walk, I think about everything and everyone that I am grateful to have in my life. In addition to benefitting from being in Nature and being grateful, I also get some exercise!

Just being in Nature already makes me feel intensely grateful, and I usually spend the first few minutes just mindfully taking in my surroundings and reflecting on how grateful I am to be able to do a gratitude walk. I look around and list everything I see, hear, smell and feel that I am grateful for: the autumn colours in the vineyards, the sun on my face, my dog joyfully chasing field mice, the migrating cranes calling overhead…

A #gratitudewalk at the weekend, or at any time when you feel stuck, can not only enhance your #problemsolving skills but also increase your productivity and creativity, so why give it a go this weekend?

You may be surprised by how effective it is.

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