Set a Magical Intention


What is your “word for 2022?”

My word for 2021 was “independence.” Been there, done that, got the certificate.

This year, I am taking the “choose a word for your year”- exercise a step further. I am setting an intention.

The idea of intention setting is to choose a word or create a phrase (use a verb instead of a noun) that works as an affirmation. Affirmations are (still) powerful instigators of change.

Making affirmations have not got out of fashion, they are still as effective at helping you make positive changes in your life as ever.

Affirmations have the power to motivate you to act, help you to focus and concentrate, give you the power to change your negative thinking patterns and replace them with positive thinking patterns and assist you in adopting new empowering belief systems.

David Hanscom, MD, in his Psychology Today article Affirmations and Neuroplasticity, suggests that “affirmations help us to challenge and defeat self-sabotaging thoughts. Just as we do repetitive physical exercises to get stronger, affirmations can be thought of as exercise for our mind/brain. Learning to think differently is part of how we learn to get rid of the old pathways and replace them with new circuitry.”

The keyword here is “repetitive.” It’s the repetition of an affirmation that leads to belief. Once this new belief becomes a deep conviction, things start to change. Setting an intention for 2022 on the 1st of January and then never thinking of it again will not be of much use. As you probably know, most New Year’s resolutions rarely survive until the beginning of February.

I discovered a useful way of making sure I see my “word for 2021” at least once a month, by adding a reminder on my calendar, that appeared every first day of the month. By December I was somewhat fed up with it, but it did the trick: I was automatically reminded of my “word of 2021” at the beginning of each month. This year, I am going to program it for each Friday, or if I get sick of it, every second Friday.

How does one set a magical intention? I have already mentioned that it needs to be a verb, something that you will do in 2022. It will be even more magical if it comes not only from your mind but also from your heart. Something that does not only appeal to you intellectually but also emotionally. The most magical intentions are those that do not only benefit you, but others as well.

Dig within, and discover what you would like to have happen in your life this year. This helps you do your part. It is an affirmation that you’re interested in fully living life in the year to come.

Melody Beattie, American Writer

My verbs (yes, I have two!) for 2022 are “give and grow.” If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that gratitude and generosity are two of my core values. Expressing gratitude has become a well-trodden neural pathway now, this year I am going to focus on paying it forward. I keep a gratitude journal: I note down 5 things that I am grateful for every morning. This is part of my daily self-care routine. From 2022, I am adding 5 ways that I intend to give each day – even if it is only a text to say thank you.

I also chose “grow” – as in personal development and growth – because I have noticed when I was making a vision board with my Christmas/New Year Retreat guests, that in the last couple of years I have not achieved as much as I intended to, on this front.

What will YOUR magical intention be for 2022?

A few examples from fellow-writer Idowu Koyenikan:

  • I am attentive to the opportunities and I seize them as they arise.
  • I have full confidence in myself and my abilities.
  • I can do all things that I commit myself to.
  • No obstacle is too big or too difficult for me to handle because what lies inside me is greater than what lies ahead of me.
  • I am committed to improving myself and I am getting better daily.
  • I am not held back by regret or mistakes from the past.
  • Absolutely nothing is impossible for me.”

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