Pack like a Pro for a Wellness Retreat

Your wellness retreat in the south of France starts in 7-10 days. You have made copies of all your essential documents, you have checked the temperatures/rainfall expected in Eauze next week on, you have investigated the various travel options – including -booked your chosen transport and now you are ready to start packing.

Is this you?

When I travel I always pack ten pairs of shoes and then wear the same pair of flip-flops every day.

When I pack, I make sure I have all my evening gowns, my entire lingerie collection, toiletries to last me a lifetime, and no comfortable footwear whatsoever.

“I will not overpack, I will not overpack, I WILL NOT overpack,” I whisper to myself as I pack enough outfits for a month when going away for a weekend.

So what should you pack when you come to a retreat here in the south of France?

  • Your gratitude journal
  • Your travel journal
  • A growth mindset
  • A re-usable water bottle
  • Sturdy, well walked-in hiking boots
  • Personal and emergency medication incl. anti-histamines if you are allergic to dogs, cats or horses
  • Toiletries
  • Pen, or pencil, and journal/tablet/laptop
  • Comfortable, loose clothing
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Headphones
  • Lightweight travel blanket
  • Fast-drying microfibre travel towel – towels are provided, but if you bring your own, you enable us to reduce the amount of washing we have to do so we use less of our region’s precious water supply (especially in summer)
  • Sleep aids (earplugs, eye mask, etc.)
  • Sunscreen, sun hat, sunburn balm, sunglasses (even in the winter)
  • Also in the winter: thermal underware, warm hat and socks, gloves, ear muffs, scarf
  • Non-toxic insect repellant
  • One or more good books/ebooks
  • Small backpack/rucksack
  • International/universal adaptorplug
  • Realistic expectations
  • A raincoat/jacket with a hood – even in the south of France one never knows
  • Your own beer/wine -there will also be opportunities to support the local producers
  • The convictions of a responsible supporter of sustainable and slow tourism (a full set, please)
  • Thoughtful generosity ex. a few euro to leave behind for our cleaner,
  • Your significant other, best friend, mother, daughter, son etc. as appropriate – even if they do not want to take part in the retreat acttivities
  • Adequate travel insurance
  • A card – so you can leave a handwritten message on your bed for the next retreat guest

List not necessarily exhaustive

You know it’s time for a wellness retreat in the south of France when you start looking like the person on your driving license.

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