Travel Journals Revisited

Why you should (now more than ever) keep a one when you can travel again


France is gradually opening up and I am getting enquiries about retreats more and more frequently – and even a couple of bookings. I don’t think traveling will ever be the same again. I intend to savour every second whenever I get the chance to do so in the hopefully not too distant future. As from this year, I have decided to add a journaling session each day to each of my retreats. It the one of the best ways I can think of to help my guest savour every second of their retreat, and that for many years to come.

If you just made a booking to come to one of my retreats, you may be wondering if there is anything that you can do in preparation so that you can make the most of your time here. I encourage all who come to my retreats, whether it is my Introduction to Intermittent Fasting RetreatWalking and Wine Tasting retreatWrite Your Story Writers’ RetreatConnect and Communicate with Horses Retreat, or my Your Magical Future Retreat to keep a travel journal of their retreat, for three very specific reasons:

Firstly – a travel journal can help you remember what you have discovered, learned and experienced during your retreat for the rest of your life, thus prolonging the beneficial effects of the retreat many years into the future.

Secondly – creating a travel journal is a form of creative meditation, and in addition to the walking meditation that you can do while you walk the Camino de Santiago, it will not only increase your creativity and enhance your problem-solving skills but also counteract rising stress levels.

Thirdly – writing in their travel journal enables my guests to slow down (as you know I am a fervent supporter of Slow Travel) and reflect. So often in the past, we rushed from place to place, trying to fit in all that we wanted to see and do, never taking a moment to stop and think… find out what is the best way to keep a travel journal clicking on this link.

If you like this vignette of my life here in Gascony, you can escape to the south of France for a virtual visit by subscribing to my mailing list HERE.

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