Wake Up to an energising Morning Routine


Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that I am convinced that counting our blessings daily and keeping a gratitude diary can make us feel much happier overall. So I am going to assume that taking 3 minutes to identify 5 things that make you feel grateful and then noting them down is already an essential part of your morning routine.

Today I would like to introduce you to the second part of my own morning routine: visualisation. Scientific studies prove that our brains can’t distinguish between actual reality and visualisation. So visualising yourself living the life of your dreams will not only help you to actually get there, but it can also energise you to start the day with a positive mindset. I usually visualise whatever I have to do on a specific day going exactly the way I want it to go. If I have nothing specific planned (we are still in lockdown here in the south of France) I visualise a perfect day in my life. I imagine getting up with a spring in my step, opening my eyes and looking around my bedroom, where all the work I still want to do has already been done. Same goes for the rest of the house, as I go downstairs to make coffee, and also for the garden and paddocks, as I go out to feed the horses.

Anyone who has ever worried about something going wrong, can visualise. We are very good at visualising what we do not want to happen, so it makes sense to balance that with visualising what we do want to happen. In order to visualise and so manifest the kind of life you want, it is important to have a clear idea of what you want and why you want it. What do you value? What brings you joy? 

Visualisation is more effective when we describe what we are visualise in the finest detail using all our senses: what do I see, what do I hear, what do I smell, taste and feel? Adding an emotion to the mixture makes this exercise even more powerful. I always end my 3-minute visualisation by imagining what I am visualising is already reality and then to reflect on how grateful I am because of it.

You can make it even easier by creating a vision board. A vision board is a collection of pictures and images that inspire and motivate you. I have a file on my laptop with large pictures of the places I want to visit, the items I want to own, the events I want to attend, skills I want to master etc.

Daily visualisation helps us to focus our minds on what we want and what we are working towards. One of the problems people face when they are working towards goals is that they lose focus, becoming distracted by the daily grind. When you visualise daily, it lifts your spirits and focuses your mind on what you want to achieve.

If you would like to know more, I have a Pinterest board called Creative Visualization and Vision Boards with several more articles on the subject.

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