Write Your Story – Transform Your Life

I am reading Louise DeSalvo’s book Writing as a Way of Healing – How telling our Stories transforms our Lives, because I want to incorporate its content in my “Write Your Story” and “Your Magical Future” residential and virtual retreats.

I have only read the first chapter and already I can realise what a powerful book this is. I had a lot of trouble getting hold of an affordable copy, but I am so glad I made the effort. The content of this book is evergreen and it is going to make a valuable contribution to my online retreat – as well as to my knowledge.

In the first chapter, Louise explains how writing can help us process emotions and experiences. To benefit from my “Your Magical Future” retreat, you do not have to be a writer. This retreat is as useful for everyone who wants to live a meaningful life because it helps us resolve difficult emotions by writing.

Only yesterday I had a message from a friend’s goddaughter who encouraged me to write the story of my life. The problem is, dearest Myla, that it is not that easy. Writing even one chapter of my life will take months, if not years, as I confront the difficult emotions evoked by that chapter. Because I agree with Louise, writing helps us understand why we feel what we feel about a certain experience and that changes the memories of said experience substantially.

Writing (and praying!) has saved if not my life, then definitely my sanity, many, many times. Writing about potentially losing my sight has helped me cope, has helped me deal with each new crisis as it arose.

I suspect it has also made me a better writer. I am certainly better able to express myself and that is exactly what I want for the participants in my virtual retreats – for the non-writers, the opportunity to heal past wounds by writing about these wounds, and for the writers, improving their writing by becoming better at writing about feelings, in a raw and realistic way.

I created my “Write Your Story” retreat for people who want to live more meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling lives. In our group “We live Purposeful, Meaningful and Fulfilling Lives,” I regularly run free “Discover Your Purpose Challenges” which is the first step in living a meaningful and fulfilling life. Anyone interested can join the group by clicking here, right now, and/or book a “Write Your Story” or “Your Magical Future” virtual retreat as from the 10th of February. The content will be identical to the content of the residential course – the only difference is the price of the retreat – 549 instead of 699€.

If you like this vignette of my life here in Gascony, you can escape to the south of France for a virtual visit by subscribing to my mailing list HERE.

One Reply to “Write Your Story – Transform Your Life”

  1. Good morning,

    So again an advice to write a book about yr life. And you are such a good writer, You yrself do not need any coaching…..

    Enjoy the day, Xxriet


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