Meditation Helps You Find Inner Peace

I include the article below, in addition to a free copy of my book, Mindfulness and Meditation Options, in the email I sent to all participants in my Connect with Horses Mindfulness Meditation retreats here in the south of France, a day or two before they arrive.

If you have been going through a particularly difficult period in your life and sometimes feel depressed, anxious and physically/mentally exhausted, meditation is a useful technique to get rid of negative thinking patterns. Granted, calming your mind can be a daunting challenge. Practising regularly will make this easier, you’ll reap the most benefits when you meditate daily. Even just 5 minutes a day will make a difference. Try this 5-min guided meditation and if it works for you, do it daily when you wake up: The Five Minute Miracle Meditation. Follow it with this short selection of Gratitude Affirmations to get the most benefit from your meditation practice.

Start by doing the two exercises above, once a day, for 30 days. 

As you may know, meditation is a mind and body practise that by helping you focus on your breath, can enable you to find clarity, develop concentration, and enhance emotional positivity while encouraging you to remain in the present moment. This empowers you to observe your thoughts or feelings without judging them. Try for yourself – Follow these 6 simple steps during your mindfulness meditation practice:

Read the rest of this article here: MEDITATION HELPS YOU FIND INNER PEACE – in French or in English.

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