Choosing a Niche for a Blog

After 153 blog posts and 4 years of blogging, I have finally decided on a niche for this blog. Empowering women (as well as all the men who read this blog anonymously) will remain the overall objective, but I have now decided to narrow the focus of this blog to a specific subject: coping with challenges and even more specifically, with change, whether planned or unplanned.

Interestingly enough, a huge number of my previous blog posts fit snugly into this category. I have decided to write more or less exclusively about coping with incessant change without losing the will to live because that is what I have been doing, more or less exclusively, these last 10 years. I am well are truly qualified to write about this subject. I have learned a lot this last decade and I have distilled what I have learned into my workshops and books, so it only makes sense to share my discoveries and experiences on my blog also.

To celebrate the fact that I have finally gotten a grip on where I want this blog to go, I have given it a proper name of its own. I have two websites, my author website and this one,, aka Empowering Women, book by book and workshop by workshop. The blog never had a clear identity, it was just a collection of musings, after all. Now that it has finally got direction, I decided it deserves a name as well. From now on, my blog will be called SemperEquus, which means “always horses.” You may wonder what hoses have to do with coping with change…to me, absolutely everything. My horses have stood by me through thick and thin, these last 10 years, and a lot that I have learned about coping with change, I have learned from them.

They have taught me a lot about self-confidence, effective communication, maintaining friendships, mindfulness, gratitude, generosity, resilience, patience, assertiveness, determination, perseverance – all useful attributes to anyone who has to cope with the challenges that often accompany change. All subjects that I have written about in the past.

You may remember If you want to be Happy, be Grateful from November 2015 and I am writing a Gratitude Journal,  from December 2016. I was so surprised when I stumbled across this post this afternoon, a full 2 years old! I have only just now finished the book I mention in the post, a book I started in December 2016. The current working title of the book is Thriving on Challenges and Change with Gratitude and Generosity. You can follow (and even take part) in its creation at Patreon. Gratitude is not Enough, in 2017, was a very popular post and so was How to connect with a Horse in 2018. I wrote several posts about writing: the Challenges of an IndieAuthor in 2015  and A Writer’s Life in 2016, and I will most likely continue to write about writing, as it is such a huge part of my life.

A couple of blog posts are a bit off-subject but so popular that I cannot regret having published them, like this one from December 2015: What is wrong with the south of France? And this one from September 2016: Don’t forget your fur coat, diamonds and high heels!

How far I have come since those early days…

Choosing a Niche for a Blog.jpgWordPress informs me that this blog now has, via Twitter, 12 388 followers. The mailing list has more than 3000 subscribers, via Mailchimp and MailerLite. It seems to me that while I was distracted by coping with the debilitating challenges that came my way these last 2 years, this blog has come of age. It is only fitting that it should now have an identity of its own.

From now on, my blog will be accessible here: SemperEquus

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3 Replies to “Choosing a Niche for a Blog”

  1. Hi, Margaretha! I thoroughly enjoyed this post, and I wish you lots of success with Semper Equus! I know there are horse lovers like you in this world. I have a sister who is one of them. I read your post with fascination because horses and I have had a difficult path. I subscribed to your newsletter because I’d like to try something more from a horse’s mouth than a bite. I don’t blame the horses in my past because bad things have happened like a horse being pelted with snowballs by mean boys when I was riding it or a horse getting caught in a brush fire that flared up while I was riding it. I think horses are magnificent creatures. I am glad that they have been good and comforting friends to you! Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday!

    1. A huge thank you for subscribing to my list! People who have been traumatised by experiences with horses in the past benefit the MOST from equine-assisted personal development…

  2. Love the new name. My daughter’s best friend is a horse trainer in Arizona and like you, finds they are necessary to her survival. I visited your other site. Thanks for sharing and hope you enjoy being a part of IWSG.

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