Wanderlust, Walking and Wine Tasting

As you may have deduced from looking at the photos on this blog, we are seriously into horses. Regretfully this means that, whenever we get an acute attack of wanderlust, we have to suppress it before it properly gets hold, because finding someone we trust to look after our 6 horses while we travel to the furthest outposts of the earth is not so easy.

Or we would have had to suppress it if we didn’t have something bordering our backyard that satisfied every urge we get to go off exploring the globe, whether acute or chronic.

According to the dictionary, one of the definitions of wanderlust is “an intense and uncontrollable desire to get away from one’s urban existence and explore and commune with nature.” When we get this urge, we pack our backpacks, put on some walking shoes, close the back door behind us and head off towards the Camino de Santiago, a nearly-thousand-year-old pilgrims’ route that passes not far from our farm. Thousands of people walk the Camino every year and thousands of people say that it was one of the most memorable experiences of their lives. I must agree with them, not only does walking the Camino quench my wanderlust thirst, nothing else recharges my batteries as effectively. We all know that exercise is an effective method to deal with stress and this is equally true of walking the Camino, even just for an afternoon.

We have already incorporated walking the Camino into our Connect with Horses Stress Management Workshops. A year ago, since we both love walking, we decided that we would also like to host walking holidays. We created our Walking and Wine Tasting Weekends, including two sections of the Camino de Santiago, on the Saturday and the Sunday. These are very popular, but we have had complaints that weekends are just too short. So we have just created our Walking and Wine Tasting Weeks – I have only added the web page with the itinerary today.

So you can imagine my surprise when I checked to see what the theme of the weekly photo challenge is this week and found out that it is “wanderlust.”  So if you feel the urge to wander this summer and explore nature along footpaths that exist since the twelfth century, join us for a weekend or a week here in the south of France!


9 thoughts on “Wanderlust, Walking and Wine Tasting”

  1. There is only one thing better than walking in nature and that is riding in nature! I so love what you do and how you help people with horses. As s teenager if I was sad or needed time to think I would go out to the stables and spend ages just chatting to my pony, running my hands down his neck and under his mane. They are the most wonderful animals. xxx


    1. You are so right! I love riding the Camino too or even just taking the horses down the path for a walk on foot. One of our Friesian mares, Aurore, especially loves exploring. Especially now that the weather is so lovely!


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