earth day

Mental Path

The 22nd of April is Earth Day, an annual event first celebrated in 1970 and now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network.

Earth Day 2017’s campaign focuses on Environmental and Climate Literacy.

According to, “we need to build a global citizenry fluent in the concepts of climate change and aware of its unprecedented threat to our planet. We need to empower everyone with the knowledge to inspire action in defense of environmental protection.”

On our farm here in the south of France, we defend our natural environment by practicing sustainable tourism. We host Connect with Horses Mindfulness and Meditation Workshops and Walking and Wine Tasting Weeks and Weekends. Both these holidays include walking a section of The Way, the Camino de Santiago de Compostella, an 800-year old pilgrims route – an exceptional part of our environment certainly worth protecting.
You can find our more about how we protect our environment with sustainable tourism HERE.

Our entry for this week’s photo challenge, “earth,” is a picture of molehills, upturned earth, scattered around our horses’ paddocks.

As a single footstep will not make a path on the Earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.
Henry David Thoreau


4 thoughts on “Mental Path”

  1. Let’s see: you talk about saving the earth, the Camino de Santiago, and walking and wine all in one post. You had me at Earth! 🙂
    Happy Earth Day, enjoy some wine, get out for a walk and practice sustainability. These things I love. These things will help make the planet a better place (well..the wine will in that it will help us to collectively celebrate with each other). 🙂


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