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Mpower Me e-Magazine February 2017

With the upcoming publication of my new book, Secure Your Future ebookSecure Your promising, purposeful and prosperous Future on the 3rd of March, I have not had much time for February’s issue of my Mpower Me e-magazine. I just managed to send the February issue out in time, yesterday, on the very last day of February! My faithful subscribers this month have free access to 12 quality e-books of the ‘Fiction for Smart Women Collection.’

Did you know that you do not need a Kindle to read e-books? You can read e-books on your laptop. You can even read them on your phone.

In this month’s issue of my Mpower Me e-zine:

  • It was one of those mornings. As she flung herself down the staircase to the Paris métro, Amélie reflected on how exhausted she felt. She can barely remember a time when she had not felt tired every single moment of the day…read this month’s French Vignette here.
  • On Saturday afternoon, everything went wrong, just as I knew it would. I have been preparing for this interview for weeks. I had everything ready, including a brand-new headset with a built-in microphone that had not been cheap, exactly. One hour before we were due to go live, my internet connection died. Read this month’s feature article Tame Your Inner Critic here.

The theme of this month’s issue is Random Acts of Kindness, in celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Week. All the regular features are present and correct: The Mpowering Meme of the Month, the Mpowering Quote of the Month, 12 Free ebooks from ‘Fiction for Smart Women,’ the Recipe of the Month (the easiest ever Tarte Tatin recipe), early spring Photos from the south of France, the Comic Relief feature etc. Read the whole e-magazine here.

Wishing you a very mild month of March,


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