Mpower e-Magazine December 2016 issue

The latest issue of my Mpower e-Magazine is now available HERE( see short extract below)


Leading article, hot off the press from the south of France (the printing press, NOT the wine press!)

I thought that Leo was a lost case. I thought that he had been so severely neglected, so fundamentally mistreated, so intensively abused that he would never recover. On the day we met, he was little more than a bag of bones. He was infested with lice and so profoundly malnourished that he had difficulty staying upright. His eyes were lifeless. His breathing was shallow. When I reached out to him, he tried to get away, but he was so weak that he fell to his knees.

I was ready to give up on Leo.

The chances of ever reaching him again, to lure him out of the dark hole in his mind where he had taken refuge for the last two years seemed like an impossible undertaking. Might as well give him up as a bad lot. He had clearly given up himself a long time ago. Leo would never trust anyone ever again. He shied away from any physical contact. He offered no resistance and no engagement. He wasn’t present. His broken body was there with me, but his damaged mind was somewhere where no human could ever reach it.

At barely twelve years old, he was a tired old man. Read more…


2 thoughts on “Mpower e-Magazine December 2016 issue”

  1. Margaretha, this is a lovely lovely post. And yes, the last couple of years, well since 2014, have been a time of enormous changes. But. The wonderful but. I’ve kept going. And I’m really looking forward to this year in a new way. And not just because it’s a new year but because I’ve been able to track the changes since 2014 and see where they’ve led me. Yea for your patience and Yea for SunKing!

    Regards, Janet


    1. Me too, Janet. No New Year’s resolutions for me this year – I have made myself a few promises instead ex. I am going to make more time for the things that make me happy. I’ll pass on your cheers to Leo, he can do with some encouragement during the winter. The south of France s much colder now than his native Portugal.


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