6 Steps To Keep Love Alive After Christmas

Today I have a very special Christmas treat for you. I know you appreciate a bit of variety from time to time, so I asked my friend AG Billig if she would write a guest blog post for my blog. She agreed! Like me, she writes non-fiction personal development books, and like me, she likes to weave a story into the fabric of her book. (You should read the beginning of her book “I Choose Love,” it is totally riveting.) Here is her post:


“Love is a conscious choice even though it might not look so. The handiest example is Christmas time when even Grinch’s heart melts. Don’t we all say let’s be kinder, nicer, more loving and giving? Prompted by the winter holidays’ spirit, we are less afraid to open up, reach out to other people, spread joy around us. We no longer care about how much we receive because we are so happy to give. Not only a face glowing with happiness becomes the most precious gift but, as by a miracle, the Universe keeps sending us rewards. Serendipity starts working and fulfils our deepest wishes. The law of attraction never ceases to work.

Doesn’t feel wonderful? Getting undressed of fear, misconceptions, limiting beliefs. Just following your heart and letting the kindness in your soul surface. Not minding what other people say, but acting according to the authentic you. Doesn’t it feel like you are suddenly able to breathe freely as if you’ve got out of a tight corset?

The freedom of allowing love to guide your life every day of the year, not just during Christmas, is within reach. All you need to do is to cultivate the love within until becomes a way of being. As Neale Donald Walsch said, our actions are driven by fear or love. Those two can’t coexist in one heart. People governed by fear will not be able to experience true love. It will always be something off in their relationships. Romances will fade, and friendships will go stale. No worldly success will fill the void in their soul.

Here are six easy steps that will help you replace fear with love. You can work with one or more at a time.

1. Know yourself. Know who you are beyond your social status, job title, other people’s opinions, and demands. Be completely honest about your strengths and weaknesses, about your dreams and gifts. Become aware of what Debbie Ford called our shadow – those things we don’t accept in ourselves and push under the rug. Find out what are your deepest fears and see if there is any foundation for them.

2. Boost your self-confidence. Not having enough self-confidence is one of the major setbacks in living the life of our dreams. It prevents us from imagining that life, in the first place. Stop listening to the voice in your head saying you’re not good enough or reliving your childhood experiences. Make a list of your accomplishments so far and have a good look at it every day. Have a good look in the mirror and see how beautiful you are.

3. Connect with your heart. Your heart is the place to learn and practice self-love. It is also an Oracle that always has the right answers, the compass that will point you in the right direction to your life purpose. Daily meditation and yoga practice are two of the best tools you can use to connect with your heart. Conscious breathing, exercise, a healthy lifestyle are also mandatory for being able to hear your heart’s voice.

4. Connect with nature. We are one with the Universe and everything around us. Our lives get so much better when we stay in tune with nature. Think about how rejuvenated and energised you feel after a walk on the beach or hike in the mountains. Connecting with nature doesn’t mean moving in a forest hut. It is about spending time outdoors, enjoying a spectacular sunset and seeing nature as a precious ally instead of a dreadful enemy.

5. Connect with people. If our body is our home on Earth, humankind is our big family. There is beauty in connecting with other people. It is great to discover that, underneath the cultural differences, lies a soul resemblance. Travel to unknown places and interact with the locals. Join Meet Up groups and make new friends. Help someone in need even when they are strangers.

6. Create your safe place. Whether it’s in your heart or house, create a safe place where you can experience the authentic you. A corner where you can utter your wildest dreams, express your talent, allow love to pour freely from your soul. Love is the safest place on Earth, the best shield against predators and adversities.

Once love starts manifesting in your life, add some fertilisers to help it blossom. Try some gratitude, joy, passion, excitement, compassion, kindness, and faith and every day will feel like Christmas.

Ready to embark on your journey to true love? I kindly invite you to read I Choose Love, an Amazon Bestseller. Based on my personal journey from fear to love and spiritual encounters with Neale Donald Walsch and John of God this book provides practical and empowering information on how to attract true love in your life. You will also learn how to master your sexual power, boost up your self-confidence and attractiveness factor, feel and look younger and healthier, overcome your fear, and enjoy every minute of your life.”

A bit more about the author: A.G. Billig is a published best-selling author, digital entrepreneur, TV host, and spiritual seeker. She has a Bachelor of Arts in French and English languages and literature and a Masters in Communication. She started writing fiction by the age of eight and, before her literary debut with the UK/US based MP Publishing in 2012, she won several writing competitions in Europe. She is also a contributor to various media outlets in the U.S. and Europe on topics related to self-publishing, self-improvement, and healthy life – style. Her latest non-fiction book, “I Choose Love,” presents love as a conscious choice we are called to make every day.

Author website: Agbillig.com


13 thoughts on “6 Steps To Keep Love Alive After Christmas”

  1. It all begins with us… that is so true. If we work on knowing who we truly are then then can make choices that validate that inner knowledge. Enjoyed the post. Happy Holidays! 🙂

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  2. Perfect words for the start of the New Year! I resonate strongly with the idea of “connect with your heart.” Listening within continues to a journey. Thanks for sharing this uplifting post!

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