Sunday Photo from the south of France: A New Horison

Our horizon is the creation of a noble society to which, like the medieval builder of those glorious cathedrals, you will have added your conception, your artful piece of stone. Adrienne Clarkson

A new horizon is dawning in the east, 2017 beckons and it is time to look back at what we have achieved in 2016. Time to take stock, to celebrate our achievements: the artful pieces of stone we have added to the creation of our society.

To celebrate the creation of my own modest conceptions, and to thank my blog readers for their support over the last year, I am giving away free copies of my 89-page e-book “You ARE Good Enough – A 10-Step Strategy to Stop Sabotaging Yourself” via this link:  Happy Holidays to you all!


In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge prompt: New Horizons

9 Replies to “Sunday Photo from the south of France: A New Horison”

    1. Hi Annemari! So bly om dit te hoor! The easiest way to do this is by subscribing to my newsletter. I publish it once a month. In the newsletter, I post links to all my blog posts, that means you do not get drowned in too many e-mails. To find out what my newsletter is all about, you can view the November issue here. You can subscribe to my newsletter at the top of the content bar on the right. Otherwise, you can subscribe directly – if you scroll down the content bar on the right, you’ll see a button, “Follow this blog by e-mail”. Just leave your e-mail address (it is 100% safe) and then you will get an e-mail each time I publish a post. Sorry vir die Engels, Annemari – meeste van my lesers is Engels en Frans. Maar daar is ‘n paar Afrikaans-sprekendes ook, so jy sal hier en daar in die kommetaar Afrikaans teekom.

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