Bordeaux and the Basque Country on holidays

My blogging friend Claire Godin from visits our part of the world and takes some gorgeous pictures:

I cannot believe this is already September. It feels like the summer flew even faster this year. I  actually started the holiday race on the 14 th June and went back and forth between short period of work and a final long stretch of well deserved holidays.

San Sebastían – Spanish Basque Country

Mid June, I flew to Paris to embark on a road trip from Paris  to San Sebastían passing by the French Basque Country. San Sebastían lives up to the expectations and as you might imagine we spent our time eating and tasting Basque delicacies ( cherries, cheeses, cured ham, mushroom, fish and wine  of course). You can get an idea of my trip in my blog post about Pinxhos here

20160617_115656San Sebastían -bahía de la Concha

13743223_1586402761662238_191085224_n(1)us at Bardenas Reales- LOTS of wind as you can see !

IMG_0709I spent my holidays snacking on those … they look like beautiful…

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