Sunday Photo from the South of France

Today’s photo reflects the reality of living in one of our local villages. Most of these villages were built during the middle ages. The roads are so narrow that sometimes only scooters (and horses, of course!) can get through.


If you would like to explore one or more of these lost-in-time villages in the south of France, you are welcome to join us for a Walking and Wine tasting workshop or a Connect with Horses personal empowerment workshop here at our farm Les Sources Sacrées.

If you can not join us here, you can keep in touch by signing up to our Mpower e-magazine. Our e-zine is published once a month only (we all get too many e-mails already!) and contains news and pictures our region, tips and quotes about personal empowerment and advance warning of last minute deals and early bird savings on our workshop prices, only available to our e-zine subscribers. You can sign up HERE.



9 Replies to “Sunday Photo from the South of France”

    1. Haai, Abrie, dit kan ek goed verstaan! As ek reg onthou, wou ek ook een gehad het op haar ouderdom. Ek volg nou jou blog, hoop dit gaan my nie te homesick maak nie.

        1. Dis Sondag aand, Abrie, en Sondag aande verlang ek meer huistoe as ander aande, al woon ek nou al vir vyf-en-twintig jaar lank hier. Ek mis my Pa, hy sal vreeslik baie van jou blog hou! – ek sal ir hom ‘n e-pos stuur met die adres. Ek ken niemand hier rond wat Afrikaans kan praat nie, so ek lees maar Afrikaanse blogs. Makes me happy. Ek is baie bly ek het per ongeluk op joune af gekom!

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