Classic Cars in the south of France

I have a blogging friend called Gary Mathews. With one “t”, kindly take note. He does not always have an easy life. Despite this, he has supported my blogging efforts patiently over the last 9 months, commenting on all sorts of posts that could not possibly have been of any huge interest to him.

That is why my husband and I drove into Nogaro this afternoon to photograph cars. I sincerely hope Gary likes classic cars, because while taking these pictures, I nearly got myself run over at least 20 times. I must have breathed in at least 20 cubic meters of petrol-laced fumes and I am now temporarily deaf because the best place to take the photos from, was right across the road from the band.

It was the third annual Classic Car Rally in Nogaro. All cars had to date from before 1980. Here are a few of the cars that took part:

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Contrary to expectations, (I am a horsewoman, not a petrolhead) I thoroughly enjoyed myself. There were a few that made my heart beat a little faster. I have to admit that I cheered when they drove past. They must have driven at least three times round the town. The poor band was exhausted by the third time the cars came by.

These are the ones I liked best:

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The band was very popular. They sang as well as played their instruments. It was all very jolly.

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All in all a great afternoon out in the French countryside. Nogaro is the home of the Formula 3 Paul d’Armagnac racing track. It is also the starting point of one of the legs of the Santiago de Compostella pilgrims route (Camino). Guests on our walking and wine tasting weekends start their second day’s walk here. Our Connect with Horses workshop participants can also choose to spend a day walking the Camino.

Everyone was on their best behaviour as the police were prominently present, as is nearly always now the case when people gather anywhere in France.


Oh yes, and Herbie was there too.


Well, Gary, this one is for you. Enjoy.


22 Replies to “Classic Cars in the south of France”

  1. I’m getting misty eyed :). Thank you Margaretha 🙂 I promise to make no more French jokes from now on. The auto show looked fantastic, and I think we all loved Herbie as a kids didn’t we!

  2. Now this was a different display of horsepower than you are used to! It looks like it was really fun, though. And, honestly, I think even watching paint dry in the south of France would be delightful! I love your sense of humor, too!

  3. What a great blogging friend you are Margaretha! I am not into cars that much but occasionally when I see a sleek sports model I have a little twinge of wondering what it would be like to drive it. Very fast. I’m sure Gary will enjoy this post!

    1. There is something to be said for driving a car like that in the summer with the top down and the wind in your hair…for those of us who, unlike me, have any hair left!

  4. Love love love Herbie! Takes me back to when I was a little girl watching time and again those Herbie films – ah, pure nostalgia! 😊

    Love also the slideshow of photos – very squish! I’m impressed!

  5. I’ve never understood the fascination with cars (though obviously to each his/her own) but this post made me chuckle. Hope Gary appreciates it! ^_^

  6. Mr. one T is a great share-r…but this trip to a car show might be even more impressive. The best part is that you enjoyed yourself. Maybe sometimes we DO have to get out of our comfort zone…right Lee? Inside references seemed acceptable for this post…right?

  7. What a lovely post and a lovely idea. I am neither a car nor a car racing fanatic, although I have driven past Nogaro several times, but I had to read this, purely for your friend Gary.

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