Aignan- Medieval Village lost in time

Yesterday, we met some old and some new friends at the Guinguette du Lac at Aignan lake. We know the owners Natalie and Frederique well, we have been escaping to this magical spot as often as we can get away from the farm now for the last 6 years. Aignan lake is located in the heart of the communally owned (since the French revolution anyway) Aignan forest.  This enormous lake is not easy to find, one really needs to know where it is to find it.  In the winter it is a sanctuary for local wildlife but in the summer it comes alive with the laughter of children of all ages.

aignan lake

We walk to Aignan on Day 1 of our walking and wine tasting holidays, so I thought I would introduce potential guests to this lively little village today. Aignan is some distance from the nearest town, so it has retained several commerces: restaurants, bistros, and even a brocante run by Nancy Cuyvers, another good friend of ours. In Nancy’s shop, Brocanthé, you can drink tea, coffee, eat light meals and even more substantial meals cooked by Nancy”s partner Inge, before you browse the rest of the shop full of precious second-hand treasures and antiques.


The village itself dates from the 12 century. It has an imposing church, its spire visible for miles and several other well-maintained buildings. On Mondays, the day we walk there with our guests, Aignan hosts a vibrant fresh fruit market. It is also the home of the Plaimont Co-operative, where, after we have eaten our picnic lunch by the lake, our guests have the opportunity to taste an extensive selection of Saint Mont wines.

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We very much enjoyed our lunch yesterday. It was a beautiful sunny summer’s day, 32°C, the perfect day for a dip in the lake. My OH had the Moules à la crème et à l’Armagnac, I had the Mediterranean Salad, all washed down with the house rosé, a perfectly decent Saint Mont, en vrac, from a local vineyard.

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Definitely a day to remember, even our dog had a lovely time! If you would like to know more about our Walking and Wine Tasting Holidays please CLICK HERE.


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11 Replies to “Aignan- Medieval Village lost in time”

    1. More so in the winter than the summer, when most of the children of the surrounding villages spend their days on the “beach”! I love the Aignan lake both in the summer and the winter, the serene peacefulness of the winter and the festive vibrancy of the summer.

  1. You seem to have the best of both worlds here Margaretha. You have the beauty of the mountains, and you have the lake to refresh you when it gets too hot. Beautiful architecture and wine. What else can one ask for, except for the smog and the hectic city life? (wink)

    1. There is one thing, Mary, and that is why I love the pictures on your facebook page so much – the sea! I have lived close to the sea for 12 years before we came here and I really miss it. Even though it is less that 2 hours drive from here to the Atlantic, we rarely have time to go there. Do keep those gorgeous sea pictures coming!

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