Between the Lines: Equine Guided Mindfulness Meditation Retreats

When I initially came across Katherine of Katherine’s Corner‘s blog series, Between the Lines, I thought it would be a great way to meet other bloggers the same age as I am. The Between the Lines Blog series highlights the creativity of bloggers of 50 years and older. I was not disappointed. Since the series started I have met and visited the blogs of a large number of inspirational women and I would like to invite you to do the same.

Before I introduce you to the bloggers that share the spotlight with me this week, Katherine has asked that we write a few words about blogging in midlife. I always feel a bit like an intruder here, not like a « real » blogger. What is more, age-wise, I only just qualify, as this is my fiftieth year.

Why do I not feel like a « real » blogger?

Unlike most of my fellow-bloggers, who pour heart and soul into their blogs, I purely blog to promote the mindfulness meditation retreats we run here in the south of France. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging and I especially enjoy being part of the blogging community. I have met some amazing people from all over the world since I started blogging and I have made some very precious friends along the way, but I limit my blog posts to subjects that would be of interest to people who come here to attend one of our equine-guided meditation retreats – my blog is not a personal one, but very definitely a business one.

The business of my life is all about horses and specifically about is equine-assisted experiential learning. We host three different retreats here on our farm in the sun-blessed south of France. The « Connect with Horses Retreats », and the « Midlife Renaissance Retreats ». I created these 3/5/7-day residential and fully-catered retreats as powerful catalysts for change to help participants make the superficial and fundamental changes necessary to live healthy, happy and fulfilling lives.

Even though I am not a « real » blog writer, I am definitely a « real » blog reader. I love reading blogs of women (and the odd man) who are making the most of midlife. Living here in deepest rural France definitely does feel like living in paradise, but it can get a bit lonely in the winter months. Our region is one of the least populated in all of France, which means there are not that many women my age around to talk to about the challenges of midlife. Reading other midlife women’s blogs has opened up a whole new world to me – and incidentally, it has also allowed me to identify the demand for a retreat for women who at midlife, want to change direction and start new careers, and so the Radical Midlife Rennaissance Retreats were born. This retreat reflects my own rather dramatic midlife career change, from medical doctor to equine-assisted experiential learning coach.


19 thoughts on “Between the Lines: Equine Guided Mindfulness Meditation Retreats”

  1. Congratulations Margaretha for being part of this great series. I was featured last week and have been amazed by the diversity and enthusiasm of these bloggers. Oh, and I think you are definitely a read blogger. Many of us have something else on the side and use the blog to promote things.


  2. Hello Margaretha. It’s a delight to meet a fellow featured blogger from Katherines Between the Lines series. Your blog is exactly the reason that I love blogging so much. I had never heard of Equine guided Meditation, and I bet that even had I deliberately sought out reading on meditation at my local library, I would still not have discovered such a wonderful thing. Frankly, you had me at ‘sun-blessed vineyards of the South of France’….a region I’ve visited several times and adore. But coupled with the idea of a wellness retreat, and time for self, you are on a winner. I can only hope that I one day have the opportunity to visit your beautiful part of the world again. All the best. Mimi xxx

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  3. Hi Margaretha! While I have been an avid reader of your blog, I was thrilled to see you featured on the Between the Lines series. It’s great to get to know bloggers my same age. I am so pro for animal assisted therapy and being a daughter of a blacksmith am very partial to horses. It’s funny because I’m working on a blog post about my dog, Delila, and how she has helped me through the ups and downs of midlife. I’m in the process of getting her certified so we can visit the hospitals, etc here at home.

    I would love to join you on one of your retreats one day! I just love France and I think I’m due to go back for a visit LOL!

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    1. Hi Carla, I am looking forward to that blogpost about Delila. I hope all goes well with the certification – I am sure it will! Here we don’t need any certification, we can take dogs into hospitals as long as matron approves. Horses are welcome too, especially in nursing homes, it just calls for a bit more organisation. Show you around when you get here!


  4. So nice to meet you, Margaretha! I’m a fellow Between The Lines blogger. I must send a friend of mine who is a yoga instructor who teaches mindfulness to children a link to your blog, I know she will love what you’re doing in France. Looking forward to reading your story next and getting to know you better.

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  5. Great to share the Between the Lines week with you and I love what your blog is all about. The retreats sound amazing and I am just beginning to get introduced to a local charity called Rein Free that does work with handicapped and autistic children that I am pretty excited about!

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