Midlife Women: 10 reasons to be grateful

Saturday again! One of my favourite ways of starting the weekend is by making a list of the things I am grateful for. I keep a gratitude diary (I don’t manage to write in it every single day, but I write in it at least five times a week. Sometimes it is a long list, sometimes just a single word or a picture that I know will spark a specific memory. I also keep a Gratitude Diary on Pinterest, purely because I enjoy pinning. I often choose a theme – it helps me think of different things to be thankful for.

With the launch of our Mindful Midlife Renaissance Retreats last week, with our horses, here in the south of France, my mind is squarely fixated on midlife.

  1. I am very grateful, that here where I live, in deepest rural France, there are super-stylish older women that are fantastic role models. Many of these fascinating women have risen to the top of their professions during their careers and have now decided to retire here in the south of France. I am so grateful that there are women living nearby that still manage to stop the conversation when they walk into a room, in their fifties, sixties, seventies and even eighties.
  2. I am also very grateful that I live in a country that is not fixated on the beauty of youth, but where beauty in older women is celebrated with equal vigour as in younger women – just look at Catherine Deneuve, for one. Isabelle Adjani, for another. I am also grateful for role models from other countries, from the past, like Audrey Hepburn and from the present like Meryl Steep, Rachel Ward, Susan Sarandon, Judy Dench, Helen Mirren and Maggie Smith.
  3. I am grateful that as a blogger, I have discovered so many other women midlife bloggers. Women who write about the trials and tribulations, but also the victories and celebrations of mid-life. I follow several midlife blogs like No Time to Travel, Brazen Women, Better after 50, over50feeling40, Reclaiming Mary, StillBlondeAfterAll, MidlifeChic, LettersfromMidlife, The Succulent Wife, A Boomer’s Life After 50, Making Midlife Matter and MidlifeAGoGo to name but a few. The names of the blogs say it all. One of the best places to find other midlife women bloggers is at MidlifeBoulevard.com.
  4. For day to day inspiration, I am very grateful for all the midlife women whom I follow on Twitter like Walker Thornton, who describes herself as a « 60 years old sex goddess », Judy Freeman, who’s «  goal as I age is to keep my chin up so my neck stays forever wrinkle-free », Evelyn Kalinosky, who « helps high-achieving midlife business women increase their sacred capital », Jean Parks, « a chocolate eating, cupcake loving computer geek with a passion for bath/beauty products, fine living & fun » and Candace Karu, who is « more fun than a barrel of monkeys – if the monkeys had an iPhone, a dubious past and questionable attitude”.
  5. I am also grateful for the Facebook pages written by midlife women, with loads of up-to-date information, articles and ideas, like FiftyNotFrumpy(my all time favourite), MidlifeWarriorSisterhood, Fabafter40, BestKnickersAlways and WomenAfter50.
  6. There are also several brilliant groups on Facebook, where midlife women share their experiences, good or bad, support each other, offer advice, share what works for them and what does not. I like these midlife women facebook groups, Midlife Bloggers Association hosted by Kimberley Montgomery, The Women of Midlife, hosted by Paula Myrick and Sassy Midlife Women, hosted by Katie Paul. There are several others, some focus on health problems during midlife like Menopause Angels, Menopause Naturally and Making Friends with the Menopause, others celebrated midlife women’s’ wisdom like the Wise Women Facebook group. There is something for everyone, a community to join where one can discuss everything under the sun.
  7. I am grateful for the inspiration all these amazing women bring to my life. I am a member of another Facebook page called Wild Women Sisterhood, and although it is not specifically for midlife women, it often reflects my thoughts so exactly that it can be scary. This page and the fabulous women and writing on it helped me develop my Midlife Renewal Retreats. I found this picture posted on Wednesday – the words really resonate with what I feel right now:Midlife Inspiration
  8. Whenever I go online, on Twitter, Facebook or on my WordPress reader, I am so grateful to find endless amounts of articles, tweets and posts about things that are of interest to me, questions I may have or inspiration that I may lack. I found the posts « Power of Resilience: How you bounce back from adversity can reveal a lot about how you’ll age», « Great Jobs for Midlife Women » «Managing My Weight Over 40 », «Is poise old-fashioned or cutting edge ? » and « 2016 Fashion Trends for the Midlife Woman » very interesting and educational. Most of these posts are accessible on my MidLife Blossoming Pinterest board.
  9. Talking about Pinterest, I am very grateful for all the mid-life women Pinterest boards full of pictures of beautiful, elegant, stylish older women and with links to yet more articles about ageing gracefully and scandalously enjoying the process. So much so, that I had to create my own Pinterest board with inspiration for midlife women (you should see Helen Mirren in a bikini at 63!): 
  10. More and more people are writing about the beneficial effect horses can have on human experience, and I am very grateful that having arrived at midlife, I have six horses, all very different characters, to support me while I sail through the storms of this transitional period. I am hugely grateful for all my close friends who support me and encourage me and put up with my questions and insecurities while I try to navigate midlife. Most of all, I am intensely grateful for an understanding, caring and patient husband.

This post is part of the MJP Gratitude Challenge and the Ten Things of Thankful Challenge (#10Thankful). If you click on either of these links, you will find several more similar posts to read and you may even decide to add one yourself.

Margaretha Montagu – Mpowering women to live the second half of their lives with renewed passion.

bmDr. Margaretha Montegu is a medical doctor with 20 years of experience helping her patients manage stress so as to avoid physical disease and psychological distress. 8 years ago she left medical practice to concentrate on prevention rather than cure and now hosts Mindfulness Meditation Retreats, assisted by 6 super-smart horses, in the south of France. 

If you are interested in attending a Personal Empowerment Retreat here at Les Sources Sacrées in the sun-blessed south of France, or if you would like to find out more about it, please e-mail us on welcome2gascony@gmail.com or leave us a message below. Goes without saying that your e-mail address is perfectly safe, we will never share it. You can find our everything you would like to know about the retreats by clicking on the buttons on the top menu bar under “About the Retreats”.

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Midlife Women 10 reasons to be grateful

19 Replies to “Midlife Women: 10 reasons to be grateful”

  1. Lovely post. Since I’m too old for the millennials, I place myself firmly in the “midlife’ camp (I’ll be 48 this summer) and I completely get looking in the mirror and not recognizing myself. Who IS that person. And where did those wrinkles come from?

  2. Hey, this leaves me with such a warm, glowy feeling. I really want my midlife (when it happens) to be full of the same kind of positivity, support, encouragement, and friendship as you’ve written about here 🙂 I hope I find communities like the ones you describe, and a culture which embraces and promotes women as beautiful beings beyond the days of their youth 🙂

    1. I am sure you will. Isn’t the internet amazing? Without it we would never have met each other, never mind finding communities of like-minded women. I should think by the time you get there, midlife will be at the age of 60!

  3. Ohh, that neck! Of course, that’s what scarves are for! I forget most of the time that I am 55. Inside, I am 11. Then I see myself in a mirror unexpectedly and don’t know who it is!

    1. Inside, I am 11.
      Well, that certainly explains a lot things that Ive wondered about since we become co-hostinae (and co-host)….lol

      Margaretha… please forgive me for taking liberties on your site. In my defense I would offer that at the TToT ‘thread-hopping’ is not as rude as it probably is in the rest of the world

  4. Hmm. The South of France doesn’t sound too bad right now. Good way to celebrate turning thirty-two next week.
    Maybe by the time my fiftieth comes, to mark the occasion.
    When does middle age begin officially? I always did wonder.
    This is quite the list of social media and blogs. Love the chocolate and cupcake woman. I can get behind that, no problem.

  5. Thanks for the list of mid-life resources. I’ll have to check some of them out–with my head held high, to keep the neck wrinkles from showing! 🙂

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