What is wrong with the south of France?


You must wonder why we decided to buy our farm, Les Sources Sacrées, here in the south of France where we host our Personal Empowerment Workshopsbased on mindfulness meditation because it is really not a very attractive region.

Equine Guided Self-improvement

The landscape is flat and uninteresting.


Nothing much ever happens.


The food is not particularly good.


The people are quiet and withdrawn.


There are few wild open spaces left.


The wine selection is limited.


The weather is boring.


The roads are congested with traffic.

south of France

It’s just not a very relaxing place.

Equine Guided growth and meditation

There is nowhere you can go for a quiet walk…


…or sit quietly and meditate.

Equine Guided Growth 4

It is over-populated, there are people everywhere…

equine guided meditation workshops

…you never get a moment to yourself.

Equine Guided Growth

What is wrong with the south of France? It is just not the place to go to if you are looking for a peaceful, relaxing holiday far from the madding crowd, where the people are welcoming, nature is unspoilt, the food is exceptional, the wine excellent and there are loads to see and do if you ever should choose to get out of the hammock. It is definitely not suitable for Mindfulness Meditation Workshops with or without Horses.

Honestly. Why would ANYONE want to go to the south of France to attend a personal empowerment workshop?

Should you insist on escaping on a virtual visit to the sun-blessed south of France for 10 magical minutes where you can quickly recharge your batteries and come back bursting with supreme self-confidence, you can CLICK HERE to sign up to Mpower Me  e-magazine and Mailing List and download my e-book You ARE Good Enough including the 10 Simple Steps to Instant Self-Confidence Guide.

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