Checklist : 10 Essentials to bring on a Mindfulness Meditation Retreat

  1. Suitable clothes. If you are going on a retreat in the summer, especially if you are coming to us here in the south of France, it is going to be HOT. Temperatures of up to 35° C in July and up to 40°C in August are not unknown. So bring light, loose-fitting clothing, t-shirts and shorts or trousers that you can move in easily. You will need especially comfortable clothes during the stretching exercises every morning. Loose-fitting clothing with elasticated or drawcord waists is good for sitting meditation.Bring a hat, sunglasses and sun tan lotion too. There will be swimming in the lake (optional!) and sunbathing on the deck, so don’t forget your swimsuit.

  2. Suitable shoes. Sturdy but comfortable boots/walking shoes, well broken in are needed when you are near the horses and when you go for your early morning walk through the vineyards. A pair of slip-ons or sandals will do around the house. Most people also bring a pair of trainers. Don’t forget your socks!

  3. Bring your laptop, tablet or phone – with its charger and a conversion plug. Wifi access is free, so you will be able to stay in contact with those you left behind, but much more importantly, you will be able to access the information, instructions, aids, questionnaires and guided meditations that we use during the workshop. You will also need a pair of earphones. If your phone/tablet do not have a camera, or if you are interested in photography, then bring your camera too. A small flashlight/torch and batteries will also come in useful.

  4. Bring a toiletries bag with everything you may need, including any medication/vitamins/supplements you may be on as well as your EHIC card in case you need medical treatment while you are here. And of course, adequate travel insurance is an absolute must-have. A small card with the contact details of your nearest and dearest written down will be appreciated, just in case. You do not need to bring a towel or bathrobe, we supply them, as well as swimming towels.

  5. If there is a couple of books/e-books that you have been desperate to find time to read, bring them/your e-book reader along. You will have time to relax in a hammock, on a sun bed or on a lilo, in the shade of an oak tree or on a tree trunk by the water’s edge, to read to your heart’s content.

  6. Bring something that you can write on or with, you can either use pen and paper or your laptop. And if you keep a journal, don’t forget to bring it with you.

  7. A water bottle – we provide empty plastic water bottles (from supermarkets), but you may want to bring your own to ensure that you drink as much of the water from the springs as you need, especially in summer, when it is important not to get dehydrated.

  8. Do bring something warm, just in case it is cooler later in the evening. We mostly eat outside, and a warm fleece/shawl can be just what you need to keep you cosy. Also, bring a light-weight raincoat/jacket – even in summer; we can be surprised by the odd shower.

  9. Cash (euros) and/or a credit card. On your day off, you will want to try out one of the local restaurants or bistros – the Gers is famous for its four-course lunches with coffee and wine for less than 15 euros. You may want to go wine tasting at the cellars within walking distance of the retreat centre and although tasting is free, you may want to buy some wine to take back with you. There is a small town less than 4 km from us, so if you forgot anything, you can buy it there.

  10. An open mind, lots of enthusiasm and a well-nurtured sense of humour.

Optional : Your own meditation cushion/bench/mat. We provide a huge variety of cushions of all shapes and sizes, but you may prefer to bring your own.

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What to bring on a Meditation Retreat

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